Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

Hi if these three come off it means I’ve cracked it and going to be the worlds first trillionaire

Wish me luck

Usd chf sell tp 0.87727
Usd jpy sell tp 143.881
Cad jpy sell tp 106.273


Good for you. Best of luck.

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Thanks Steve

Gold should go to 1960 too

I think my system lags but one day I noticed if it doesn’t hit it the first day it will the second

Today I’m still selling usd jpy
Cad jpy sell and cad chf sell

And bought gold too it surely should reach 1953 today

Best of luck on your trades! While achieving trillionaire status might be quite the feat, your optimism and confidence are admirable. Keep monitoring the markets and managing your trades with care. Here’s to success!

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Will be patiently waiting for your “I’m now a trillionaire” update! :sweat_smile: Good luck!

Thanks guys today I bought gold and sold eur chf

Nice what’s your target for EUR/CHF?

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EUR chf tp 0.94972
Gold tp 1945.32

Very nice. Thanks!

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No worries throw in eur jpy buy and nzd chf sell too
A good 4 way hedge

EUR jpy tp 159.201

Gold tip when at 1945, should go to 1960.
Next day gold is at 1940 and the tip surely going to 1953.
Today, gold tp 1945 when it’s at 1925

Time and time again you do this or change direction after getting it wrong then claim success.

How about you stick your account on myfxbook and show us how good you really are. I’m betting that somebody who’s holding a 200 pip drawdown to come out at break even isn’t making much overall.

And fwiw gold isn’t going to 1945



it’s actually downright dishonest

all his threads should come with a public health warning

i just hope nobody’s following any of his calls with actual money!! :astonished:


NZD usd buy tp 0.59387
Potential 67 pips

Chf jpy buy tp 166.204

Aud usd sell

GBP usd sell