Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

EUR usd sell
Usd chf buy

Us 30 sell

Us sp 500 sell

This is my majors system it’s new see how it goes on my road to be a trillionaire

Forget about nzd usd and chf jpy we’ll just focus on the majors today

Aud usd sell
EUR usd sell
GBP usd sell
Usd chf buy
Us 30 sell
Sp 500 sell

The best are Aud usd sell, gbp usd sell, us 30 sell and sp 500 sell those 4

Aud usd crashing :clap:

NZD jpy sell tp 86.292
Potential 35 pips

Usd jpy buy

Usd jpy buy
EUR jpy sell
NZD chf buy
Bitcoin cash buy

Usd jpy buy looks the best of the day tp 148.235
Sl 146.924

And with this new system gold is a sell because usd jpy is a buy

Ouch still in this eur usd buy

Once again had anyone done as suggested in this post they would have been stopped out. And the price is nowhere near 148.235

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You only comment when I lose done well yesterday and usd jpy hit sl

Now on eur usd buy but if that wins of course you won’t comment

Aud nzd sell
NZD usd buy
Link chain buy

Aud cad sell and Aud nzd sell
Could be long term

Eur chf sell tp 0.95029 sl 0.95629

Potential 40 pips

Gold could turn into a sell here for sure

I’m still confused as to why you keep posting a ton of signals with zero context. I’m assuming your probably just copying signals from someone else and then reposting them here.

Where is your analysis?
Where are your charts?
Where is the proof your taking these trades?