Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

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Where Is He Now? Takashi Kotegawa (BNF)

Takashi Kotegawa, a.k.a. BNF, hasn’t made any new media appearances since late 2008, but this doesn’t mean he has retired and left the world of investing.

Quite the contrary: between 2014 and 2021, his name appears as a shareholder of note in the regulatory filings of 19 publicly-traded companies.

These documents reveal his wealth has grown so massive he sometimes ends up owning a non-trivial portion of the companies he invests in, sometimes acquiring up to a 5% stake.


Jim Simmons is prob my favorite

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Renaissance Technologies - Trading Strategies Revealed

For the first time, we detailed how Renaissance Technologies developed various trading strategies over the years, from early mean reversion to utilizing kernel methods and so on. In this short documentary, we tell the history of Ren Tech!

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bnf said “dont rely on strategy, instead go with your intuition”.

jim simons said “dont rely on intuition, but instead rely on your strategy”.


Buy Uber stock

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So hit no good

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i might have reverse engineered your strategy… i think that you are doing “high speed trading”, where you try to push so many orders onto the market that it actually confuses the market and it just starts giving you money.

am i close?

i could sell this strategy to jim simons for big dollars.


No I don’t have a trillion dollars to move the market
…. Yet

How is your day going

are you cutting me out of the jim simons strategy deal?

i should get at least a couple of million, dont you think?

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