Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

EUR Aud buy tp 1.66916

EUR Aud buy entry 1.66281

Jim Simmons uses mathematical techniques I think

he worked at the NSA as a CODEBREAKER and he also taught mathematics at the university level, including MIT and HARVARD.

hey, what do you think about pork bellies? Mr valentine says to buy at “64”,.

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Pork bellies follow lean hogs futures
Which are up last checked

Not something I would invest in though but you never no

hey, i have a question for ou.

what is “mathematical heresy”?

Not sure mate

Aud usd sell
Gbp usd sell
Usd cad buy
Usd chf buy

Mathematical heresy is the rejection or violation of established mathematical principles or accepted mathematical truths.

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Cool didn’t know that

i need the market to spike, so could you buy pork bellies because they are correlated with EURUSD?

Sell gbp usd

GBP usd sell entry
Tp 1.22204
Sl 1.23004

i have a proposal for you. here goes. will you be my mentor. thats it. no fluff. no flowers. no fancy talk.lets trade pork bellies, you and me. we can corner the market. maybe we can buy the uk and australia. we can do a hostile takeover of china.

I’ll think about it don’t know if I have time to mentor

GBP usd come down nice could go to

I’m only going to trade gbp usd from now on
Been backtesting my new gbp usd strategy
It could be the one to make me rich
I’m excited about it

If it works gbp usd should reach my above tp

Sell bitcoin

backtesting only demonstrates that your trading program could have successfully traded some period of the past(using your current indicator settings), but it DOES NOT mean that it will trade successfully in real time.

the past is not an indicator of the future.


i am long on pork bellies.

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We shall see hope it works
Good stuff with the pork bellies

New tp


220 pips