Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

i guess you probably heard about those guys at myforexfunds?

they are going to prison.

i hope they like ramen soups.

the indictments for ftmo are coming soon.



I stay away from prop firms to many rules

Took profit gbp usd

66 pips

GBP nzd buy entry 2.04712
Tp 2.07728
Sl 2.04315

i am long GBP/PB(british pound/pork bellies) and short on NZD/PB


Cool the gbp one should work out
Buy gbp nzd too looks good

Moved my sl to 2.04050

GBP cad buy

Gone back to gbp usd sell should of held it

In profit with gbp usd sell again
I cracked it gonna be rich

Awesome man. keep going and making the money.


Thank you in profit :clap:

GBP usd sell entry 1.21587
Tp 1.20599

At least let people see what’s behind the numbers

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Tell me more about this GBPCAD Buy? Where did you see a buy setup?

There is no gbp cad buy that was ages ago

The only position I have open is gbp usd sell

But gbp cad is a sell too

Thank you for the chart of my current gbp usd sell entry and tp

Looks like it was 1 day ago according to the forum timestamp and I don’t see a buy setup 1 day ago on the chart

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I cut that buy

I’m in profit with gbp usd sell now that’s good :blush: