Going to be the worlds first trillionaire

Gold buy
GBP usd buy
Gbp nzd buy
Chf jpy buy

Gold buy
NZD chf buy

Just those two correlated

Usd chf buy
Chf jpy buy

Gold sell

Usd cad buy

Chf jpy tp 165.883 sl 164.195
Usd chf tp 0.90366 sl 0.89202
Usd cad tp 1.36038 sl 1.34793

IBM stock sell

Gold sell confirmation coming down now

Gold tp 1891. Sl 1915

Hit sl

Gold buy
Usd cad sell

NZD cad sell

Got 80 pips outta gold buy

Buy bitcoin cash

EUR chf sell Monday

NZD cad buy Monday

congratulations on your trading.

would it be easier to follow along if you told us the openprice and the takeprofit and/or stoploss?


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Hi :wave: thank you

usually do my trades in the morning Australian time if you want to follow

Yes I’ll start doing sl and tp again no worries

Sell Tesla stock

Bitcoin cash open price 213.64
Tp 242.55

Sl 40 pips

Moved my sl on bitcoin cash still holding buy it’s trending up

As for Monday

Cad chf buy looks great

EUR chf sell

EUR gbp sell