Gold, gbp usd and gbp jpy

Answers from previous post of buy I did well thanks
My gold sell entry today is 2176 happy trading

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Randomly checked marketmilk looks like not overbought just yet! what timeframe is this and what’s your TP?

Very cool, especially since you posted a “buy call” for the next day, and the price went down the next day. You must have excellent trade management skills.

I see gold is up, today? What were your take profit target and stop loss?

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He does! :sunglasses:

He really has remarkable skills and quite unique talents. Have a close look: in thread after thread after thread he has very consistently profited from “calls” that everyone else has made losses on, if they’ve followed them.

Whenever there’s a strong move against his trade, it always turns out later (often much later) that he had reversed his position, with brilliantly incisive timing.

But strangely, details like precise entry-times, stop-losses and profit targets are never provided at (or anywhere near) the time of the trade.

Oh well. You can’t have everything? But a dazzling performer, however you look at it.

He’s “going to be the world’s first trillionaire”. He says so himself, and you can’t possibly get a more authoritative source than that, can you? :wink:

Oh yeah watch this will win ten times in a row

Today selling gbp usd when London opens

Ha ha gbp usd falling hard :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Anyone looking at this guy’s posts would be very well advised to read this thread carefully first and see what the more experienced members are saying about them.

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