Gold Mother of all Cup w/Handles

Gold Miners normally will lead, so until we see the Miners break out of this downtrend, nothing is going to happen with gold

There has been correction in gold lately so I think that it’s a good time to buy it and hold it untill it increases again

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Since my last post we have broken above this downtrend channel and it looks to be holding, gold also looks like a double bottom has been put in so maybe this is the turning point we have been waiting for

Agreed- looking like we’re finally going to see some buyers step in. Was just talking about GLD with another trader here:

Going to be looking early next week to put a XAU trade on- finally!

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@Dennis3450 @Ellasmith Did either of you put on gold trades yet?

I am currently in at 1773.5 & 1786. Looking at 1840 as a target, but could stall/pull back around 1820.

@MattyMoney Nice! I went to the derivatives market yesterday around lunch and picked up GLD calls that expy on FRI. They doubled overnight and I had to get flat when the market opened / GLD rallied.

I try to keep things mechanical, and, one mechanic I try to never disregard is - “If you double your money overnight, close the trade, and move on”. Yea- there prob is some med/longer term upside in gold, but we literally just rallied the entire month of APR and are kissing the 200 and 100 moving averages. There will be profit taking here, and, I don’t want to tie that capital up. Also, these expy on FRI…so, there is a ton of risk if GLD pulls back - I wanted this to specifically be a short trade. The contracts were trading for prob something like $1.70 intrinsic value and $.20 extrinsic, so the benefit of holding and hoping for vol / premiums to increase vs. a pull back evaporating the intrinsic value just didn’t make sense.

I’ll be looking for a breakout after consolidation, or, after a sell-off, to get long.

Good luck!


I have been holding a large gold position for several years, just waiting for correction to end and it looks like it has

we are not out of the woods yet, and this 4-day pullback is not helping, we need to see buyers come in right here and challenge that 200 dma, then takeout that old high at $39, then we should be off to the races, worst thing from here is falling back into that downtrend channel

I’d be careful here- the GLD / GDX correlation is high (avg is ~.80), but, when it’s not, it can break down for months (sub-.50). I love the technical setup on GDX tho over GLD. Breakout of the channel, pullback to test literally 3 converging MA’s and the top of that channel. Clear as day.

I’ll definitely be putting on an options trade likely this week via GDX. There are a ton of ways to structure it and take advantage of low premiums. If you’re interested, I can post what I end up doing back here.

I’d imagine you’re going to start nibbling b/w 35-34?

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@Dennis3450 @MattyMoney Thoughts? -> USD @ a major inflection point!

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We have a clear Evening Star pattern in the gold miners, a drop back into that down channel is a strong possibility this week

@Dennis3450 Thanks for sharing. Yea, that pinbar, off the 50MA after the channel breakout was definitely going to bring some sellers + profit taking.

I see 3 scenarios (1) bounce off upper channel and continue upward (2) chop sideways (3) breakdown back into channel and test lows around $31

The miners are a bit of a different beast then just a straight up play on XAU.
But, they are correlated and it’s important to watch.
The USD has seen some profit taking too.

I’d bet that we either see a resumption of USD strength, or, some sideways action.

Make or break time in the futures space @ 1780.

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A nearly 4% move in the miners is not what I expected but glad to see it, now we need some continuation

Anything gold-related today caught a pretty big bid.
Today was kind of a weird session though- It kind of felt like the market didn’t know where to go.
I couldn’t get a read, so I sat on my hands.

GLD is testing the 100/200MA - could be printing a significant double-top.

I still think the gold trade is largely dependent on what happens w/ the USD here.
The price action today was a perfect 50% retracement of Friday.
And, basically an inside day (except for the open).

Why such a dependency?
Look at the DXY/GLD 30-day correlation for the last year.
We’re approaching extreme readings right now, almost at -1.
To me, it feels like the dollar just wants to test that 200MA. It’s like a magnet.
And, the recent price action confirms there is a floor @ $90.

@Dennis3450 What type of trade(s) do you have on the GDX?
I’m still short XAU through the futures market. Feeling a little burn right now as my avg. is ~1770 and the JUN contract is trading ~1790. I’m chalking today up to a “meh” kind of day- I don’t think any of the moves we say - especially on the JPY crosses, were the ‘real’ moves.

I have long-tern holds on GDX, Gold and Silver. This is my hedge against the hyperinflation that we are seeing in some areas due to endless US government money printing

I am feeling a bit better today, as the bearish Evening Star seems to be a false signal


Looking at our Cup with Handle, we are having a good start to the month, Using the GLD if we can get above 190 that will confirm the pattern and we could be in for one hell of a ride higher

I love this action , up nearly 5% today.

Forex trading can be really complicated at times. You want to see something else but the reality is nowhere around. Remember that it is completely based on facts and figures and not assumptions. So, you better learn properly before you decide to trade and risk your money.