GPUSD analysis with Daily Chart

What trendlines are these?Where did you learn about these weird trend lines?

I hope you know pin bar conditional trading…
Here pin bar + inside bar condition, but it must be on pending order…
Market don’t trigger that pending price till now… So, I am waiting to trigger till now… Thanks for your comment dear…

Always makes me laugh when reading this as a Brit - we use it as fairly strong sarcasm

Yes I know pin bar conditional trading+inside bar trading.Price goes down.I dont use so much candlesticks patterns.I am a harmonic trader.If I see a pinbar on chart I wait for confirmation,the next bar after pin bar must close above the head of the pinbar for long entry.But your trend lines are really weird.

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What makes you laughing???Can you say more clear?

In the UK if we say “Dear” after a sentence it usually associates itself with sarcasm.

The term dear is connected to what an old lady would say, so by saying this it is an indirect referral that you are old and senile (of old age, memory loss…)

Not so funny now that i’ve had to explain it…

I am not from UK,Iam from Romania and when I learned to school the word dear nobody told me that it is used in Great britain as a sarcasm.I know that you the Britains have black humor.About my age I dont feel myself old .You can laugh so much as you want .I dont care about you are laughing or not.

Ha, see…

You’ve read that wrong. It wasn’t an insult. It was an explanation. But, each to their own as we also say in the UK. You don’t understand true English in the context of language and it’s perception - which is fine, it’s complex.

I understand very good english because i learned in english everything I know about trading.That guy who told me dear ,he wanted to be polite but you with your explanation you insulted me directly.This is an insult adressed me because I am a women trader.I am proud to be a wom en trader and I

Oh please leave it. You didn’t even have a profile picture at the time of the message being sent. The fact that you’re a lady doesn’t even come into this as no one knew at the time - don’t try and make this out to be sexist now.

I can assure you that you might understand English word for word but not so much the domestic sarcasm, which I’d expect as a non native, it’s not easy as i’ve been told from other europeans too.

The things are clear you insulted me with your explanation and by the way I had a profiel picture when you delivered this insults to me.How dare you to insult me,you even dont know who I am.I am from Romania and I am proud ,I never came in your country UK to work there.I dont need to work outside because I amtrader and I stay here in my country
How can you say me leave it?

I made it very clear why this comment can be communicated as sarcasm from a native UK speaker, it was simply a joke. We all use words and phrases in a different context - I was simply saying why it’s funny to read a context that means something different in the UK (which you don’t understand because you are not from the UK, clearly)

Yes, it was not intended that way initially by the poster, obviously??.

Jesus, why are European women a nightmare to talk too - I should have learnt this after spending two years in Croatia and a year in Latvia.

I’m not replying back to any of your replies as this has gone on for long enough - literate people will be able to see where you totally took this from a normal conversation to totally going on the defensive. Silly really.

You insulted me,shame on you.

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Lets see if the rally on the GBPUSD is really sustainable. The 1.3200 level may act as resistance and to the downside, the 1.3100 level may act as support.

I hate racism… Because no one have control about his/her birthplace…
By the way, If I hope that you just kidding about my comment, but your approach was so wrong… as like as bloody racist…

Be easy and being human all the time… Because, after death we are same as dead body… So why we show racist conduct when we alive???
Think and think again…

You clearly don’t know what racism is, either, because I’ve not been racist - this is turning into a comical thread now.

umm, I know this is about 2 days old lol But, he never insulted you at all. He was just bringing up the fact that they use the term ‘dear’ in a sarcastic way

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race has nothing to do with this lmao

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Another high volatility day for the GBPUSD, the pair is stuck between the 1.3000 level as support and the 1.3300 level as resistance. But beware of the high volatility and possible breakout in any direction.