Great Reset coming?

This thing is going to be big - so I think it needs a thread of its own to avoid losing all the posts in the Political thread

I’ll start the discussion off with a copy and paste of one of those posts

Who - Calls “Our Charlie” and Sad Khan - (Dreadful Mayor of London) - “Experts” ? !

I was a great believer in our Monarchy (I’m a Brit) - But in view of the actions and attitude of All her male descendents except Prince William, I now take the position that the monarchy should End with the death of Her Majesty !

This Great Reset thing is going to be the next great terror we are inflicted with and I think it needs it’s own thread

well here’s the Guy who wrote the book - Speaking at World Economic Forum

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I give you some articles very complete and interesting. they explain what is happening economically(use automatic translation of the entire page by Google chrome or Microsoft edge because the articles are in french)

the only thing I disagree with these articles is that they are promoting as a new way to protect your capital. I strongly condamn these words and wont recommend you to do that because bitcoin is positively correlated at 95% with stock market and will surely disappear during the next krash

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Hello Falstaff,

Thanks for starting this thread.

I agree with avoiding the Political Opinion thread, which has degenerated into Romper Room for trolls.

Over the weekend, a gold/silver dealer in California alerted me to this article in the Liberty Beacon
on the topic of Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset.

This is an extremely long article – but, having read it word-for-word, I can attest that it’s worth the time it requires.

I think this article resonates with me, because of the simple way in which I define communism and fascism:

• When pure socialism is commandeered by a totalitarian elite, the resulting system is communism.

• When pure capitalism is commandeered by a totalitarian elite, the resulting system is fascism.

I hope you can find the time to read the Liberty Beacon article. Let me know what you think of it.

If the trolls show up here, we should flag the ■■■■ out of them.


The Terrifying Background of the World Economic Forum & the Great Reset

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The forex market is affected by different scenarios around the world. The pandemic, the elections, etc have had some impact.

Hmmm highly possible. Don’t trust anything.

When I started to trade forex, the only thing in my mind was to make money. But when I actually started to trade, I realized that it was not going to be easy and I will have to do a lot of hard work in the market to make profitable decisions. I used to spend most of my time on learning so that I can enhance my skills to do better in the market.