Gypsy Pippin (System)

No problem at all. It was my pleasure.

I was checking it out a little more and the 30 minute chart isn’t that bad either. You could still get a decent move :wink:

i have no idea how to use the file you attached…its MQ4 format…i though it was just a template beforehand.

You have to go into your mt4 folder in program files, then go into experts folder then open the indicators folder and put the file in there. You will need to restart your mt4 before you can see it in your custom indicators list, hope this helps!

Thanks for answering littlemay’s question. I wasn’t available to do so earlier.

Sorry for not answering earlier, but I saw that hazza88 answered it. Were you able to get it to work?

zirzovat I just posted an aussie short that i did on march 9. hope you find it useful.

many thanks bro…

dw…i have got another question comes up …lol…

you mentioned in the instruction : QQE (1) (This is equal to RSI (14)

however…when i add the file you attached to the indicator and it appeared QQE(5),should i adjust the input in QQE(1)?

or add indicator with RSI(14)?

Hi! Yes you should change the QQE from 5 to 1. I prefer the QQE instead of the RSI because QQE has a signal line for extra confirmation :wink:

how do you use another signal line for extra confirmation? could you please explain your idea?

Sure. For example, in an uptrend after all of the other requirements have been met then I will look to see if the RSI line (blue) is above the signal line (yellow). I only use it to get an idea of the stength of the trend and extra confirmation…not usually a requirement, but you could if you wanted too.

Thus in an downtrend, the yellow line should be above the blue line? is that correct?

Yes that’s correct!

cheers for that my friend…really appreciate…

Not a problem at all!!

where should i see it? thanks…

It’s on the first page :wink:

Looks like the dotted line of the QQE makes a darn good exit point when it crosses the Blue line.

Thanks for sharing this system.


Hey Dave, Im glad you like it!!