Has anyone read Laurentiu Damir's books

There is this guy from Romania Laurentiu Damir who wrote several short books on PRICE ACTION. I bought 2 pieces of his series but I just don’t get them. If there is anyone out there or know someone who has read those books?

I’ve read the 50 pips a day and price action strategy - both very interesting books

You read his ‘Trade the price Action’ book? I have a hard time getting it understand that book. Have you used his PA strategy? Did you have any successful trades with it?

Go to 2ndskiesforex. You can find very good Price Action materials there. Highly recommend

Hi there - yes I’ve applied thinking from the PA book with some successes - often I’ve rushed into trades rather than waiting for confirmation. Not following my strategy has always been my downfall. Now I’m religious about it :slight_smile:

Can I have some questions regarding his strategy? Well of course without violating intellectual property rights.:5:

Would you like a synopsis of the pa book?? Cheers James

I did a summary of his strategy too for myself to better understand. No need synopsis. If I may ask some specifics according to his strategy: [U]How do you identify when price is ranging and trending? [/U][U]When do you know when the last HH-HL or LH-LL appears?[/U] Could you send me some picture? (recent trade better).


Yeah, I read the 50pips a day.I like his strategies; they are reasonably practical: but I guess he is more of an inspirational speaker than a forex trader. Trade the momentum and price action are also credited to him. Quite a forex icon.

What do you mean by that? Do you think he’s a successful trader?

Any one feel free to share Laurentiu Damir books… thanks in Advanced :51:

Buy it. It’s like 4$.

i can buy this book …but i have no paypal or mastercard … i live in bangladesh … and paypal doesn’t Accept our application …

ebook on amazon have you tried?

If he is a successful Forex Trader, by that I mean, does he make lots of money in Forex, why is he selling ebooks on Amazon for $0.99 each. His 50 pips books is short from impressive, he uses a 200 SMA to confirm the direction of the trend and some Fibonacci retracements and also he suggests to look at a higher time frame like a 4Hr. and then trade in a smaller one like the 1Hr., I guess he discovered the Holly Grail with this approach.

So you don’t think it’s worthwhile?

Resurrecting an old thread that is relevant to my current interests.

I don’t think gman was saying the 50 Pips a Day system is not worthwhile. Rather, I think he was snarkily commenting that the system outlined in the e-book was nothing new, and successful traders have been using those components for some time.

A much more important comment, IMO, is that the [I]free[/I] e-book 50 Pips a Day, was little more than an advertisement for his [I]other[/I] e-books, all of which cost money. A [I]very small[/I] amount of money, true, but then again they’re small e-books [I](most of them 20-40 pages each).[/I]

Basically 50 Pips a Day talks about combining momentum, support & resistance, and price action together to identify profitable trades. He then gives you links back to Amazon to get his e-books on momentum [I](1 e-book)[/I], support & resistance [I](1 e-book)[/I], and price action [I](4 e-books and 2 physical books).[/I]

Now that may turn some people off, but even though English is clearly not the author’s first language, I find he explained his system quite well. I also find it highly [I]interesting[/I], in a [I]“That’s just simple enough to be easily understood, easily replicated, and quite likely to succeed”[/I] sort of way. While I think [I]“50 pips a day”[/I] is probably a bit of an overstatement of the system’s likely results, [I]“30 pips, a couple of times a week”[/I] looks like it wouldn’t be out of the question.

You can get the author’s whole library on your Kindle for around $40. That’s less than I’ve paid for a single book, hell, that’s less than I’ve paid for [I]lunch[/I] at my favorite BBQ place. And the seed book, 50 Pips a Day, is [I]free[/I].

So I totally recommend getting the free e-book 50 Pips a Day. It’s free, and it’s short enough [I](60 pages)[/I] you can read the whole thing over a lunch of beer and BBQ brisket [I](ask me how I know that, lol).[/I] If you read it and don’t like it, well, you had beer & brisket for lunch, and that makes any day a good day. If you [I]do[/I] like it, then the follow up e-books are $5-$8 each.


Have you looked at his book called ‘Price Action Breakdown’? Some great material in there discussing fair value and value shifts.

His work is all about taking away the Retail Trader mentality and getting the reader to think more from a Smart Money perspective.

Whilst English is not his first language, it’s a heck of a lot better than my Romanian and he explains thing very well, without repeating or padding out with unnecessary BS :blush:

I’ve been trading a real account for around 12 months now and have had a 70% strike rate over the last 3 months, which has been helped greatly by Mr Damir’s material opening my eyes to the real forces behind the currency markets and looking for the footprints of the smart money.

Hope this helps?


Thanks for the reply. I’m just getting my feet wet in FOREX. My biggest issue is that I have a very old school learning style. I can read e-books for fun, but when I’m reading for content I need a dead tree version, and most of his books aren’t available in paper unless you buy the PDF and print it yourself.

I will be getting his two paperback price action books off of Amazon, though.