Have you ever joined a demo contest? :))

Hellooooo. :blush: I feel like I just saw this idea recently and it just got me curious. :smiley: Haha. :slight_smile: I think I’ve seen people talk about demo contests in the past but I don’t really understand how they work. :sweat_smile: Have any of you joined a demo contest before? :smiley: How was it? What were the rules? :open_mouth:

Nope I haven’t yet but it sure sounds interesting. In fact, hearing about it for the first time.

It does sound interesting! :smiley: Just super complicated I think? :sweat_smile:

This is a very good initiative. I would like to join this contest

I’ve never tried one but would definitely give it a go if I came across a site that was doing it.

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OMG. :sweat_smile: It does sound interesting, but I don’t think I’m qualified to start something like this. Hahaha. :sweat_smile: Or if it would even work. It just really piqued my curiosity.

Ooooh! :blush: If you ever do, let us know pleaaase. :smiley: Just so that we could also have an idea how it goes down. Haha. :smiley:

When to start it. And what benefits will it have?

No,I’ve never joined a demo contest. I’ve been curious to, but at the same time I am pretty shy.

Tell me in detail how to start this contest. That would have been much better for me.

I’m sure it will be like poker with matchsticks. Everyone going all in

Not really, never heard about such contest. What really is this about?

OMG! :open_mouth: There must have been a misunderstanding. :sweat_smile: I was just asking about whether people have tried joining one. :open_mouth: But I don’t think I’d be able to (and I’m also not qualified to) start a demo contest. :sob:

Naaaah! I’m sure you’d do just great. :blush: Have you ever seen something like this being done on other forums? :smiley:

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Even i am curious to know about this demo contest.

To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to that. What about you?

Yes, I want to develop skills by joining this demo contest.

Nope and in case there’s any, won’t be interested in it ever. And like you said, super complicated- why complicate life further than it already is.

Seems like an alien concept to me. Phew! Would like to search about it more though.

They have a saying…Never say never.
Demo contests come in various forms. Check out a site called Fundingtalent.com and come back here and tell us if you feel the same way afterwards.