Hello from fxp1 (glasgow, scotland ✌)

Hi babypips, thought I’d join to mainly start my own trading journal about my forex trades.

I have an Instagram which is gaining alot of popularity with my posts on technical analysis - but there seems to be alot of “FAKE” and spammy comments on there, so decided to come back to where I learned alot about trading forex - babypips :hugs:

Love the interaction this forum has and it would be great to give back.

Hope to make new friends and share good advice and tips, laughs and jokes.

Here’s a few screen shots of my analysis, I’ll post more detailed ones over in my trading journal and share :v:


Yayy! :smiley: Excited to know more about your trading journey @_fxp1! :blush: I’ll definitely cheer for you! And also, welcome welcoooome to BP! :blush: Hope you enjoy your stay with us here. :smiley:

Welcome to babypips. Feels good to know about you. Looking forward to your trading analysis and tips.

Thanks for the comments, I’m just waiting for the next setup then I’ll start my journal.

Posted a few charts on Instagram since my last post here, a force of habit. Thinking of deleting all social profiles and focus my journaling here at babypips :+1:

Keep you all posted here :v:

looking forward to your top tips on here!

Hi _fxp1! Hope to learn from you in the future. Do you have a trading journal here on babypips? :slight_smile:

Hello fxp1! Welcome to the community! When are you gonna start posting your journal?

Waiting for this setup to play out then I’ll start the journal :v:

Patience is key

I have posted a few charts in my journal. Trades I’m looking out for in the coming day or so


Welcome to babypips! And yes I support leaving social media lol. I left that too and my life feels so much more peaceful. Will check out your trade journal!

Oh wow! Thanks for this. I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

welcome to babypips.

Looking forward to following your journey :slight_smile: