Hello good at forex post my tips here

You will receive a special indicator also

That’s used in the system


What kind of system is it? Is it a bot? I’m guessing it’s based on TA if there’s a special indicator. Right?

It’s not a bot all my trades are manual

Gbp Nzd sell

Gbp Nzd sell
Ch jpy buy
Usd jpy sell

Chf jpy buy
Usd chf sell

Eur usd buy

I don’t understand. How does one know when to place these trades? Or even know if these work? There’s no accurate time stamp.

Do you use stops? There’s no mention of stops. If I buy EUR/USD, how long do I hold it for? Can I take a nap? What if I go to sleep and see your message too late?

What about moving SL to BE? Trailing stops? TPs? Pyramiding?

Sorry if your frustrated. You are suppose to take the trade when I post it for example if you bought Eur usd when I posted you would be happy in profit :blush: I leave the tp and sl up to the individual

EUR usd continues to go up

Buy Eur usd
Buy Nzd cad
Sell Gbp nzd

Nzd jpy buy

Gbp Nzd flipped bullish Eur usd still fine

Current trades to do

Aud jpy buy
Aud chf buy
Eur usd buy
Gbp Nzd buy

Cad chf sell stop 0.68106
Eur usd buy stop 1.06116

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I just did two buy and sell stops for you :blush:

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Aid cad buy

Gbp usd buy

The market is in a downturn. Nothing you can do will help. It will recover within the next year.

Aud usd sell

Close Aud usd sell
And buy Aud usd tp 40 pips