Hello good at forex post my tips here

Cad chf coming down nice
Tp cad chf 0.67936

Cad jpy sell tp 32 pips

Eur usd buy tp 20 pips usd chf sell tp 20 pips

Eur chf buy
Aud Nzd sell
Gbp Aud buy

Buy cad jpy buy Gbp jpy sell Aud usd

Omg. :open_mouth: I traded against this and bought AUDUSD. :open_mouth: I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes for now.

It did end up coming down but you still would of got some buy pips

Buy Eur cad

Sell nzd chf close Eur cad

Nzd chf take profit for 70 pips 0.58375

Okay. I lost this one. :sweat_smile: Hahahaha. Good job spotting it! :smiley:

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No problem and thanks :+1::blush:

Great tip! Very helpful! thanks haha

Do you explain stuff here, or just signals?

Carry on!

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I just do signals , and thanks :+1::blush:

Sell Aud usd
Buy Eur cad
Buy Aud cad

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Why do you only post signals?

Because I don’t reveal my secrets unless someone wants to off to buy my strategy

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Oh ok. How much is it?

5000 Australia dollars

It also requires a signature that you are not aloud to sell the system yourself

If you buy the system it’s for you and you only you are required to sign that you will not disclose it to anyone