Hello good at forex post my tips here

Sl hit a dud today

Great minds thinking alike.

I rode Eur/Jpy down last night and then rode it up today. Glorious!
Nzd/Jpy long also worked out.

There’s a lot of high impact news today so I’m closing positions early. But I have my eye on the EUR/MXN 4H chart. Maybe due for a good long short? Also CHF/NOK looks like a good long on daily chart.

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Well done mate great stuff :+1:

Cad chf sell tp 0.70688 sl 0.71099

Gbp Aud buy Eur cad sell Aud Nzd sell

AUD chf sell

Closed Eur cad Nd anzd in profit
Holding two
Aud chf tp0.63235. Gbp Aud tp 1.78041

Closed Aud chf and Gbp Aud in profit

Today buy Gbp usd , buy Eur usd
And sell usd chf

Chf jpy sell Gbp usd buy

Nzd usd buy

Buy Gbp usd at this bottom

Close all positions

And sell Nzd usd and Nzd chf

NZD chf tp 0.58232
Nzd usd tp 0.61107

Nzd usd hit tp

Today Gbp cad buy
Gbp Aud buy
Aud chf sell

Close all positions and buy Nzd cad

TAke profit nzd cad

And buy cad chf

Nzd usd buy take profit 0.61803

Nzd usd hit tp 19 pips

Buy Gbp usd sell usd cad

Usd cad tp 1.32487

Gbp usd tp 1.20075

Changed usd cad tp to 1.33390
Also sell Eur chf tp 0.97704
And sell cad chf tp 0.70966