Hello good at forex post my tips here

Profits galore :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Let’s sell Eur chf again

Hello man…imuch thanks for the signals…is there a way you could use another more convenient way of sending signals like telegram or whatsapp?

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Hello and thanks no problem :+1: don’t have watsapp or telegram, but I do have Instagram I message people signals on there I’ll message it to you

Meanwhile 1 trade change keep usd cad sell but close Eur ch f sell instead add a Nzd usd buy Nzd cad buy Aud usd buy usd chf sell

Iv been fine tuning my system and it seems to be that London open goes against it but my strategy comes through in the end like yesterday with that big Gbp usd win so hold tight people

We might start waiting till after london open
Because now
We just hold Aud usd buy Nzd usd buy Nzd cad buy
Close the others
Those three should go up

Aud usd tp 0.68741

Nzd usd tp 0.64190

Nzd cad tp 0.85475

2 more a good hedge if you just want 2
Aud cad buy
Aud jpy sell

Close all positions except Aud jpy sell but don’t worry load up we should be able to get 100 pips out of it
Aud jpy sell tp 92.680

Gbp chf sell tp 1.12822

Nzd cad sell

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Hey am Daniel am interested with your signals

Hi Daniel :wave: signal for today is buy Eur Nzd tp 1.67644

I’m in.


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No problem

EUR Nzd not doing much

2 more signals sell usd chf and usd jpy

EUR Nzd travelling well now

2 more signals Gbp usd buy Gbp nzd buy

Wow gbp usd really shooting up here jump on

Aid cad sell
We will put in a sl cause it’s down already

Sl 0.90079
Tp 0.89329

Thank you for your contribution. Looking forward to learn from your experiences.

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Usd cad sell

Sl 1.34666

Tp 1.33916