Hello is this the NASDAQ100 index?


Im using trading view to see the gaps in the market when the market first opens. Ive attached on this post a photo showing my trading view dashboard can you please look in the up left corner if I`m on the correct market? Is that the NASDAQ100 index


The one from the Yahoo Finance link I`ve copy-pasted up there

Also very important for me to know is trading view showing the gaps in the market for the NASDAQ100 particularly.

that’s pepperstone’s cfd version of the nasdaq index.
ndx is the actual index, nq is the nasdaq futures and qqq is an etf equivalent

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Thanks for taking the time. Here is my problem. I`m attaching 2 photos.
US TECH 100 on IG trading platform it shows up like this

The NASDAQ 100 on Trading View is this

The problem is that the 2 indices don`t look the same

IG.com doesn`t show the gaps. The NASDQ 100 from trading view showed me a gap. All I do is trade that the gap is going to close. But I need to see it on a chart then trade it for the moment on IG,com on the US Tech 100 index.
Where can I get tot see the gaps that the IG.com platform wont show

@bogdanm2 You are getting in a pickle :sweat_smile: If you want to measure the gap on IG just draw a line on your chart where it closed the day before and where it opens today.
But I will warn you gaps don’t always close it’s pretty random really - not something I would bet on.


The US Tech 100. Is the NASDAQ 100

Does the NASDAQ 100 open on 9:30 US east coast time. Meaning 14:30 UK time and meaning 16:30 Romanian time where I`m located.

Meaning that for 22 of may the close was at 18,705.20
When I opened yahoo finance for the NDX 100 it showed me a different price and prices for the day of 23 of may today.
Why is that does the NASDAQ100 trade after hours.
In this picture I`m looking at trading view and I see the gap open at 18.705 but trading view for some reason only showed me the chart real time only after 30 minutes. Which was bad as I have to trade the second candle.

If I look at this chart Im OK and I get it but on IG.com when I look at the chart for the US Tech 100 which I understand is the Idex name on IG.com for the NASDAQ 100 it showed me on trading view very different chart. Heres what I mean here is the chart from trading view and after that Im gonna show you on IG.com chart

And here is what I see on IG.com its pretty much the same chart

You see no gap and the 2 graphs look almost identical.
Isn`t the NASDAQ100 the US Tech 100 from IG.com
Meaning that without gaps I Should see this chart Which has close on may 22 yesterday at 18.705

Yes your times are right - opens 2.30pm UK time closes 9.0pm
IG show the out of hours movement, the other one doesn’t.

I have a girlfriend in Romania, lives in Onesti with a son called Bogdan, what a coincidence :joy:

Never been to Onesti. :grinning:

So the last Picture of the NASDAQ100. Is the right one which should be the same on IG on the US Tech 100 which is on IG.com

We seem to be talking on two threads here but if you look at my screen shot on your other thread you will see I have put on MACD with setting 5-8-3 just a little extra but it can work well with those settings. Having said all this, I would probably be called a scalper so it might not be your cup of tea.

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Ive looked at the chart the upper red line that where the DAX closed the previous day? And how its moving now?

I haven’t traded Dax for ages as I have a serious insomnia problem and don’t wake up early but Dax is usually good in the mornings. I just tend to trade Nasdaq and Dow in afternoons and evenings.

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I must stress I tend to scalp - here’s a shot of Nasdaq 1min today - as I say don’t tell me crossovers don’t work :rofl:

I use IG chart but trade on TD365

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Sorry to hear about your insomnia. Ive also got trouble with sleeping from time to time. Im looking at the chart But does your IG chart show that the market opened today at 18.705? Did you get the same results or conclusion looking at the chart as I did?
Aslo, I think Im gonna need to buy Trading View subscription as the Trading View chart only activated at about 16:50 Romanian time. And I need to see the gap at 16:35 and see how wide the gap is and then take my trade. Today would have been a great day as the difference was of about 156 pips (the day is not over though) Im posting some more pictures
post picture

Ive seen this at 16:30 Romanian time 14:30 Uk time 9:30 US time. ON may 22 it clearly shows that the market closed at 18.705 But I wasnt getting that on the charts. The NASDAQ100 on Trading view showed a gap of 156 pips

Theoretically this was correct but it only showed me the candles of 14:30 UK time only after 20 minutes.

But the IG.com graph is this one which doesn`t look at all like the trading view graph

The question I`m asking is the Trading View Nasdaq 100 (the first picture correct and cleary shows a gap in price from yesterday to today)

Yes, both charts are correct and same ie closed at 18709 and opened at 18909 - 200pt gap
The IG chart shows overnight out of hours trading, which Trading View doesn’t show, Trading View just shows the gap.


If you traded the gap strategy well done today but it doesn’t always work. Nasdaq was great today but I didn’t trade much - +20pts and I took my foot off the pedal but there was plenty I left on the table.

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This is confusing
Ive just took another snapshot. This is another NDX Us tech 100 its the same as the one on IG

The same one as on IG but doesn`t show the gap

This is the other NDX 100 chart also from Trading View which is similar but not exact and also it`s trading at different prices like a 50 pip difference

I’m not sure, it’s weird but some brokers do have slightly different prices - they shouldn’t have, IG prices are always correct. As I’ve said, I use IG chart but trade TD365 and they are always same. Are you using two brokers?
The difference your two charts show is rediculous - as you say 50pts it crazy

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CFDs of the NAS100 do not have to correlate from one broker to another. All brokers will have different charts. TradingView has feeds from several different brokers of the same CFD.

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Yes, this would exlpain it but 50pts is a bit rich. If people are using some kind of system where price value matters it throws things out of kilter.

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