HFT High Frequency Trading bot - BROKER?

Hello all,

I have a HFT Bot that I have been using on both a Demo and Prop Firm challenges. It works amazingly.

I wonder if anyone here has any recommendations / experiences on which broker works well with an HFT bot.

I know brokers like IC Markets, Pepperstone, FXCM, IG Group etc. allow HFT, but I’m not sure which one I will choose. Even though they “Allow HFT”, doesn’t necessarily mean that their offerings are suitable for such a bot.
For example, some brokers have bad slippage.

So I’m wondering which brokers you guys have tried and your experience with them.

Thanks in advance!

  • EltonFX

Hi :slight_smile:

I think there are several issues with HFT Bots working on REAL Accounts.
It’s NOT an argument that this bot works fantastic on a demo account. Most of the bots work fantastic there.
Next, which platform do you want to use? Mt4 or MT5? Don’t do it, they’re too slow for HFT.
Next, it’s essential where the servers are located? Mostly the HFT servers should be really close to the exchange e.g. Wall Street or London exchange.
These servers are very expensive.

So just Insurance and Banks can afford it. Only these have HFT Bots working with real money.

So, it’s not a good idea for normal trader to run a HFT Bot. You will lose more than you win.

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Hello Ravenash, and thanks for your reply.

And yeah I was thinking of using MT4. Do you recommend cTrader instead if anything?

And I know that these servers are expensive. However, my bot isn’t ultra-fast like theirs. It can hold trades for anything generally between 1-5 seconds. I know that theirs are milliseconds and they are competing against each other for better executions.

My bot is simply placing Buystops / Sellstops above and below the market with a trailing SL during high volatility at 9:30 EST stock market open. So it is tick scalping. It doesn’t require very high ping (I’ve been using it with 150 ms ping and its been working out nicely, on demo).

The bot Im using is called Royal Hedgefund.

So i don’t need insanely good servers nor insane ping for this.
I’m just looking for a good broker with fast servers and acceptable Slippage, that is suitable for Tick Scalping :slight_smile:

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Hi Eltonfx,

wow 1-5 seconds. On MT4? With a normal broker? You are very brave! :slight_smile: May be that the strategy of your bot is very good and that the bot runs well on the demo, but on the demo they all run well. There is no slippage there. And especially in the range under 5 minutes you have to expect increased slippage. No matter which broker. I don’t want to discourage you, just warn that you can lose a lot of money.
Your bot already belongs to the special ones. In this respect, you have to find the best broker for you by trial and error.
Most use bots with higher time frames, because then you have the slippage problem no longer so strong.
Anyway, I wish you good luck with the tests and tell us how it was. :slight_smile:

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Haha yes, I think its something to be worth trying out at least. I’l just start with a 0.01 LOT size and just close the account if it’s not making profits.

I’m just not sure which broker I will go for just yet. I posted this post to see if anyone else has tried HFT with different brokers and feedback on how the HFT traded on their broker, but no response yet.

As of now I’m just using the bot to pass Prop Firm challenges so that is either way my focus for the next month or two, and then I will look into some brokers :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with you. I think a very cautious approach is a very good idea there. Best to try on a cents account if possible. Then the losses are more bearable. :wink:


I have been looking at PU Prime and RoboForex for Cent accounts but I’m not sure if they allow HFT though

As you mentioned Roboforex I found an interesting blogpost at Roboforex to HFT

But I dont know if they allow it or not. Thats what I said: You must test it on your own if the orders are placed or changed in a few milliseconds.

Interesting read, thanks for sharing!

Yeah it didn’t say if they allow HFT or not, so I’ll probably contact them eventually as well

I have heard a lot of bad reviews about Yadix

Hello @elfonfx, I saw theses broker during my research for HFT brokers.

Kindly check the image.

@eltonfx how is the bot going on the challenges for prop firms?

I was looking at this bot but unsure on the settings and when to put it on for prop firms.

How much did you pay for it if you don’t mind me asking

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To be honest, I’ve never heard of any of these brokers though. Unregulated brokers are a bit suspicious to me