Hi Im a newbie- any comments on Zulutrade?

hi Im a newbie- any comments on Zulutrade

Hey guys, I also recently started using zulutrade. The providers I selected are: zulumaster1, Sharper Trade, Canadian FX and alpha & oxygen…based on the their win %, dd%, performance and pairs differentiation…So far it is still under testing but profit start piling up. Once I straighten my strategy of provider and pairs, will definitely put more money into it…I suppose it is the right mixture of all of the above in order to see some results. Also, keep in mind the zulutrading rank, it says it all - risk appetite, deviation from the startup position and history of how long a provider has been trading for :wink:

Sounds like good choices. zulumaster and alpha&oxygen are very good. CanadianFX makes very similar trades to zulumaster1, so you will basically double your positions on the same trades (I found out the hard way). Just be careful if you use both of them, not to overextend your positions.

You have a point. I reconsidered and decided to depart with zulumaster1, since his performance was much low than the Canadian Fx’s. What is your opinion of best trader…i want to differentiate in yen, and the comments of other fellow followers were pretty promising…

p.s. alpha and oxigen…pretty much ancient history to me…found it the hard way ;(

New zulutraders, my BEST advice is to watch out for providers in the top 10. The average return for September if you were to have joined all the top 10 until today 10 Sept is just over 100 pips. The average DD on 10 Sept for these providers is 460 pips… … There are also other good ones in the lower ranking…choose you provider wisely and consider every aspect of their trading. :wink:

There’s always more than meets the eye on ZuluTrade. I think the problem is (at least for me) that you get to the site, and become very excited about possible gains seeing the different providers… unfortunately the devil is in the details…

For example you say CanadianFX’s performance is much better than zulumaster1. Zulumaster rarely ever uses more than 2 positions, while CanadianFX frequently uses his max positions. After doing the math their gains are very similar. However even more importantly, look at zulumaster1’s biggest low of all time… it’s only 98 pips, less than half of CanadianFX’s biggest low.

I’m not saying that zulumaster1 can keep it up forever, but for an entire year he has managed to make 100 pip/month+ gains per position, without going below 100 pips EVER. That’s pretty damn impressive. That is why a lot of big money follows him, because he never gets the ridiculous drawdown like many top 100 providers. He has also… never lost yet. Of course zulumaster and co also refuse to use risk/reward. After all, he only gains about 10 pips per trade, while risking (an unknown amount? 100?) Ask yourself what would happen IF zulumaster ever blew a trade… What would he do? Close out at a loss of 100 pips? Wait until 150? 200? 400? This is what I worry about, because in reality he’s risking a lot more than he’s gaining… it’s just that he’s never been wrong about winning a trade… Yet.

Hmmm you know it’s interesting. Currently a&o are trading only one position and doing pretty well (similar style to zulumaster1, gain 10 pips only). What happened in their past? I see they have gone into the hundreds in lows at times. I am following them pretty heavily at the moment.

Have you tried the alchemy settings yet? You can choose to follow some other follower performance – see they ROI analyzed, % wins and losses, worst/best trades, see the broker they are working with and be able to copy the settings of Signal Providers they follow Decide how risky you are willing to be and play it out! :57:

Guys check out the new updates that Zulutrade posted this week. Pretty cool new features on live accounts are getting daily reports; providers are analyzed deeper with three new performance indications – weekly best/worst trade; ranking history chart and max open trades;email notification is received once the live trader updates portfolio settings and there is sound notification when a trade is closed.

Apparently he couldn’t keep it forever. And I had the hunch. zulutrader1’s performance has declined rapidly this last weeks - went 300 pips down!! Hope you didn’t lose much!!

I just ditched ZuluTrade altogether. After a few months of evaluating it, I have come to the conclusion that it’s just not for the serious trader. Most of the signal providers are either just plain bad, or they have periods where they do very well and then crash and burn. I’ve lost a lot of money following some of the “safest” traders in the “Top 100”.

I’m not saying there aren’t great signal providers, and I can think of a few that I would follow, but the system is just designed to fail. They pay signal providers based on how many trades they make, and it doesn’t even matter if they win or lose, they will make their cut. Most signal providers also use demo accounts to send signals.

If you’re serious about trading for a living (I AM), then ZuluTrade just doesn’t seem like the answer. It feels more like a place to gamble $500 you can afford to lose. I made some great gains, but lost them all and a lot more in the long run. I would recommend going with a service like Happy Traders FX or 4XLounge, where they actually teach you real trading, and 4XLounge does have an EA that looks a heck of a lot more responsible than anything I’ve seen on ZuluTrade. It actually uses risk/reward and explains everything. On ZuluTrade most of the SPs give you very vague instructions on how much to risk… Just wait until they are down 300 pips on 5-10 positions and then they will pretend you were only supposed to risk .05% of your account!

Oh and PS- Regarding my post from a few weeks ago… I was following ZuluMaster & Co with a LOT of money when they blew that USD/CAD trade last week and they all crashed and burned. Let’s just say I just about margin called my account before closing everything. I just wish I had followed my own suspicions about their system instead of being greedy. So in the end their shady trading style of Reward: 10 pips and Risk: 300 pips decimated a lot of accounts for people like myself, who ignored fundamentally sound Risk/Reward ratios. BE CAREFUL!

Hey TehCount, sorry to hear that you lost, but mate, sometimes to get out of a trade is one of the hardest decisions especially when you are pressured by your own psychological drive to gain more money. I doubt it is the system’s (or any system for that matter) problem - should you not leave when you see that time is right -then you loose, no matter if you trade forex, stocks, options, futures or bonds. My advise is -get a broker to run the things for you - trading is just not for everybody.

Btw, why don’t you post some screenshots of your trading strategy, I am sure the forum users will love to help you out.

Well I’m over at the FXLounge now. The owners have been very helpful in teaching proper trading, and I have high hopes for the future. They have both automated and manual trading systems.

I hope their teaching potential is better than their hosting, since they are not even doing their own …interesting site with advertising the Forex signals of others :slight_smile: good luck mate hope you make tons of money!

Btw, if you want to post advertising msgs, why don’t you open your own thread and instead of spamming Zulutrade ones, as your history suggest you are doing. Let’s keep it neat and clean and post stuff of our interest.


Hey if you actually have something to contribute to this thread, then by all means go ahead. All you’ve done so far is tell me that I should give up manually trading, and now you call me a spammer after asking what my strategy was. Well that is my strategy… I gave up on ZuluTrade and I’m moving onto something that in my opinion is more professional.

If you want to be a successful trader with Zulutrade, or with any other platform, you need to know forex trading and be successful at it without using the platform. Zulutrade is just a tool and not a money making machine. As any good tool it is as good as the knowledge to use it.Therefore, read forums, read other people strategies, evaluate risk objectively and consider seriously where your comfort zone lies and try to not cross it – because this is the crashing point where you will loose money.

If you think that manual trading will generate better results for you, for sure go ahead, we would love to see results :wink:


Also keep in mind and spread the risk. Choose as many providers as you like - the number is up to you. Also consider providers trading different pairs. Choose one trade and one lot per provider only. With the $ 5’000 starting capital your max. lots should be 10. Once you have made profits, increase the number of max. Start with demo to straighten your strategy and position. In the live version one can set mini or micro lots.