High Yield Forex Signals (and trading system)

After tirelessly working for months and years to develop the most comprehensive forex trading system on the market, our efforts bore fruit. The system looks easy to learn. In reality, however, it is highly complex. We will be posting the most perfect signals here for the next few weeks

I believe the service will enable you to take advantage of my perfect signals and make money when you are traveling, sleeping, or even at work since the trade will copy automatically.

For the next 2 months, I will post signals here for free. To minimize noise, I will use images rather than words. You will be able to identify currency pair, entry price, and stop loss from every image. Every trade will be closed after about 5 hours. I will then post a second image to show the outcome of that trade.

From the mid last month, we have had three signals, here are the results. We are confident of such opportunities in October.

results from the first trade

second trade

Results from the second trade

Third trade

Results from the third trade

Confirmed chfsgd

In my view, this was a perfect trade,

Consider closing it,

This is nice work going on here.

The time-frames are too tight for my preference but I still have an ambition to add intra-day trades to my trading.

Apart from the charts posted are you looking at anything else to either develop a target or make the entry/exit decisions?

Hi @tommor I am trying to keep my posts to a minimum for this thread to make it easer for anyone to follow and get idea of what we are doing. We use special algo based on price action, price action is the key-just paying attention to support and resistance.


The charts seem very clear, please, what is the function of the algo?

it just looks nice,

it was a perfect opportunity, however, it caught my attention very late

That was just precise,

that is it