Hobbies / Pass-Times

I find it hard to believe that all you full-time traders are glued to your computers, so my question to you (as you’ve probably guessed from the thread title) is: what do you get up to with your spare time?

Don’t get me wrong, this thread isn’t just for those full-time traders, us lowly part-timers have to tie trading in with other jobs too so we just have less spare time for the fun stuff in life.

Yeah, I’ll settle for written answers but with technology these days, surely we can accompany them with a photo or two. Come on folk, let’s get involved: whether it’s a photo of your DVD collection, you out fishing, taking flying lessons or even a Call of Duty pic - lets see it.

I had the day off yesterday & spent about 5hrs & (according to the MapMyRun app) about 3,700 calories here.

Going by the 2nd photo, it’s safe to say that my wife wasn’t impressed with the load of washing that I returned with.

Is that a Fuel EX9?

Nice bike, my main MtB is a 10 year old Ellsworth Id with age matching XTR, looking at upgrading though, esp to the new brakes. I also ride road and track - but none of them enough!

I only make one trade per week and once is green i am out for the rest of the month. The rest of the time I have my daily job, I rad, I wrote some articles. I dedicato to dit articles in wikipedia especially those when mentioning the recipe of illegal drugs I just chance the contents for “other stuff”, I also dedicate to report Youtube videos those about incitating hatred and violence, dangerous activities, conspiracy theories and my favourite are the religious, I mean the extremists. I also read a lot, i am still reading Philip K **** books, thank God he wrote more than 50 novels and more than 200 shot stories because when I finish 'em all my life will be completely pointless. Also i am reading The Art of War for the third time. And recently I am taking singing lessons via skype, yeah!!!


Very close, it’s only the Fuel Ex 5 but you clearly know your bikes. It was a chore getting my wife to allow me to buy this (it’s okay for her to waste mon£y but not me), it’s only an entry level full-suspension but it does the job - I would have happily spent 3k on a bad-ass bike. I’ve been toying with the idea of a road bike, it’s the Lycra that’s deterring me.

I have always fancied this book but have never got round to it, I’m not really a book person other than on flights & on holiday. I WILL read it one day.

Offroading with the wife and the dogs. I know I’m at the right spot when I no longer have a cell phone signal.

Ah, a great pass-time ruined by taking the wife with you :stuck_out_tongue: Fire up a pic of your canine companions & the scenery you enjoy if you’ve got one.

If it isn’t shopping, then my wife has an excuse for not partaking in anything else. My mate borrowed my kayak & took his girlfriend out for a paddle, would my other half try it? Would she bollocks!

I was a bike mechanic/salesman for a few years so I have some knowledge of the area… On the EX5 if it is the same spec as the AU bikes and has the M525 hubs, make sure you give them regular servicing, or they will die from the mud getting past the very basic sealing on them.

As for lycra on a road bike - if you want to ride a road bike and don’t like lycra don’t wear it! There is a reason everyone does end up in it though - its the best thing for the job…

I’m aware that lycra is the best for road cycling, I’m just trying to delay the inevitable. I went out on my mountain bike on Friday & lets just say that it’ll be getting rested for a few weeks :frowning:

Nice forest I miss all that… I am a Full time trader for a living so that I can have time for my likes. I am from England (WGC) however I live in Bahrain during race season onyl as I race a CBR 1000rr C-ABS on the Bahrain international Circuite. Also I truck the Bike over to Qatar to race on Losail Intl Circuite. I do all my own Maintainance and Engine work on the bike (I am always buying tools). My current Set-up is BAZZAZ TC with AFR , Arata Full System and Rizoma Controls. Prefered Tire Super Corsa SC3, SC3 is good for the climate.

WHen race season is over I move back to ASIA as I got board with the UK 10 years ago, My favorite place to live is Makati in Philippines I live in Salcado Village Makati All year after race season, Heres is some pics of my village and me.

nice , is it worse then this one? I love collecting those hehe

ARGH - feet!!!

You’re killing me here Dennis - I know that we all have them but feet are just one of the weird phobias that I have. They’re on par with cotton wool & polystyrene ~goosebumps~

H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! (no offense)

Maybe as a kid you suffered tremendous wounds on your feet. When I see someone with sandals showing her or his toes i get chickens skin because I cannot avoid imagine that person cutting his toes. Arrggg!!! But I have no phobias.

Don’t get me started on toe-nails or dried tea-bags, that will just make me dry boke/gag.

My wife just read the above & showed me a clip off our Sky+

Enjoy the horror…

Oh GOD Why…

What is seen can never be unseen; now you must share my eternal nightmare.


I wish i’d never entered this thread now, I’m scarred haha!

It’s really cool to see what people do outside of trading, especially the biking.

lol we all got some feet

things to do when not trading?

guns & sex.

hey, it’s what evolution has neatly programmed males / real men to do and enjoy. i refuse to let society water me down and turn me into a boy, and i’m not stuck with a wife whose permission i have to ASK just to do or buy things or go places. it’s kinda appalling at how many guys seem to have to ask ‘her’ if they themselves are allowed to do something or buy something - but they dare not challenge her shopping for shoes or purses, lest they be made to sleep on a couch in their own home for which they pay by going to a good-paying job. really, grow a pair!!!

so yeah. guns & sex. and i’m not a redneck! :stuck_out_tongue:

A few pics of my other hobbies.

I can’t sit still, I don’t watch tv (other than movies) so I do 12hr shifts & literally get in the door from work, get changed & throw in a quick 3-4mile run before dinner. On my days off I’m just looking forward to hitting the gym or getting out in the kayak, on the bike or away fishing. Life is to short for sitting around.

And come on guys, let’s see more photos. Take the plunge & get involved!