**Holy Cow! Holy Grail! Trading System**

I have heard that a “holy grail” indicator, method, or system to pull profits 100% of the time does not exist.
I met with a group of experienced traders, shared with them a starting idea (that I have been working on/ trying to improve for the past 7 years). Miraculous, they turned it into unimaginable reality: Holy Cow! Holy Grail! Trading System

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Trading is probabilistic and therefore cannot be a 100% game by its very definition

Congratulation, good luck on the way to be a billionaire. :rofl:

Going to have to see some hard data and results to confirm such a bold claim but I’m open to see anything you can provide :face_with_monocle:

It is probabilistic, but I have spent years asking myself is there a perfect strategy? There is a perfect strategy but with very few trades per month.

i will hire a hitman

Which might be perfect for you and not someone else. It is very hard to say objectively there is something “perfect” in trading.

We will be able to evaluate the progress within a period of 6 months from now because there are not so many trades in a month

How does this system work?

Market is not run by a net of algorithms so that you can figure out the formula of how the market works, the forex market is exposed to humans and as long as that is true the market will be more random and you will never be able to create a systematic approach that will figure out how to take advantage of that, you can only try to approach 100% but you will never be able to make it there, so how much you can get ? only you can figure that out, maybe the market isn’t random if you figure out some formula to predict it

My wife took my mother-in-law to Vegas to visit an old friend. They stopped in a casino and she put a few dollars in the slots and won $100. Then she took her winnings and left the casino buying a new pair of boots on the way out. That’s the best trading strategy I personally wver heard of :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Can you give us a brief detail of your strategy or does it use indicators or price Action model based ?

@MarchFX I’ll like to work with you
I do believe I’ll be of important value to you

Thanks for all those interested in my strategy. Things are taught to say the least, things are tough for me. I have spent 7 years trying to understand forex, I got several breakthroughs so far and I will keep you posted. I will just avoid posting to useless messages and keep my messages short and to the point,

This is it bro, this is where I am currently, I believe, few trades but some good profit

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hey marchfx we are patiently waiting for you

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I am concluding my research, right now looking at NZDUSD, and I believe the up trend will continue.

I hope to me more active on this page very soon, doing some research at the moment

It was not the best opportunity, just wanted to tell you I am testing my holy grail strategy and findig ways to improve on it,