**Holy Cow! Holy Grail! Trading System**

Still working on this strategy guys, but I will have a very unique and interesting strategy to share

I will be launching my holy grail strategy in January next year, Allah willing, meanwhile lets practice,

9 factors influence currency exchange rates. They include inflation, interest rates, public debt, political stability, economic health outlook, government intervention ( as was the case in Russia recently, their currency weakened due to sanctions. However, the government intervened to strengthen their Rubble), confidence/speculation, etc.
For those who got tired of waiting for the launch of my Holy Grail strategy, you will have to wait until January 2023.
Meanwhile, we are just going to practice to see if my strategy makes sense or not.
Don’t tire yourself following my signals each hour. You can do it at the end of the day or week, we just have one, two, or three signals in a week.

I shared this analysis in the wrong thread,

This was the outcome from my demo account,

I will be posting every signal i get here followed by explanation so that those interested can learn from me how I use inflation, interest rates etc. to trade.

We will try to remain focused from 1st September, a signal and some explanation, and then we look at the end result, the explanation will revolve around inflation, interest rate, etc, and basically news.

Euro Area Inflation Rate 9.1
Interest rate 0.5

United Kingdom Inflation Rate 10.1
United Kingdom Interest Rate 1.75

based on those figures we expect GBP to weaken against the EUR in the short run
best entry point is at 0.86589 minimal risk since price action does not give the best pattern

I should specify that “in the short run” means one to two hours, meaning the trade must be closed within that time

also failed to provide stop loss, we use previous 4 hour bar to set stop loss,

hey man, i am ready to work with you

hello @MR_FOREX_NGN I would ask that you be a bit patient. I have a long way to go, but I promise I want to share one of my account details on mql5 that shows my hard work over the years trying to create a perfect trading strategy. Here is the deal, I want to find four trades over the next 4 weeks.
For each of those trades, I will risk 5% and target 5%. If attain 20% growth from 4 trades, I will assure you that I have mastered the market. that means the drawdown should not be more than 5% for each of those trades. I will number the trades for you starting next week on 5th September 2022.
I don’t mean there will be an opportunity to trade each day, but there should be some good opportunities over the next 4 weeks.

setting my eyes on nzdusd and nzdcad
just for testing purposes

nzdusd at 0.60891 stop loss ta 0.60767
nzdcad at 0.80153 stop loss at 0.79971

just for testing purposes, not claiming any thing

nzdusd taken longer that the one hour to break even,

has to be closed at zero profit the same with nzdcad

nzdusd would have been profitable as my analysis had shown

similarly nzdcad would have been profitable,

no regrets though, i am in my final phase of testing my strategy, at your own time check the charts and seen if what i post is indeed true,