**Holy Cow! Holy Grail! Trading System**

Looking at chfsgd, can we say that we have a buy opportunity,

it doesn’t look so convincing

The trade has to run for at least five hours from the time it was opened. Then we will see the results, this is pure price action strategy, another strategy that I have been testing and which seems to give good results over 14 months of testing

I think its time to close this trade, its a simple strategy that anyone can learn

check all the charts starting with the one right above this

I will avoid this. It does look good at all GBPAUD


it seems like it will go up but i just dont know, not sure

that is it guys, I wasted the opportunity. The bus has already left.

I will try to catch another tomorrow.

everyone interested in learning this strategy follow from here, also write me a message.

@MR_FOREX_NGN , how do we meet?

For everyone reading my posts all my trades are buy with no sell.

The bus left me really bad. if anyone is buying GBPAUD give it 4 hours from now, you will make good profits. I will make none because my algorithm indicated I avoid the trade.

the sudden movement in price is due to changes in CHF interest rates. Those who trade without paying attention to news should know the importance of forex news

the pattern appeared awkward i couldn’t deal with it

another akward trade, there were no good opportunities this week