**Holy Cow! Holy Grail! Trading System**

Time to consider closing the trade at zero profit

or move you stop loss to protect your margin.
USD news coming shortly.


this could be the first perfect opportunity this month, confirmation in the next 13 minutes

its taking shape, we need to give it about two to three hours,

taking shape

We hope the uptrend continues so that we move the stop loss to buying price level

The uptrend continued time to move stop loss

That was perfect,
Consider closing it,

avoid, it doesn’t look good,

It looks nice, but I had to avoid it,

It looked nice but i ignored it, posting it here because this is the thread with all the noise

my holy grail strategy,

for details see here

not good, therefore I avoid it,

what a waste,

It looks like something, but I will avoid it,

Another wasted opportunity,

@Jungletrader i have already confirmed my bold claim, just 4 more weeks of posting free signals and that will be it,