Holy Grail System

Hi guys and girls, ive thought that because BabyPips was one of my biggest source of knowledge along with other sites and mainly books, in the world of forex, and because i've learned at least 30% of my total forex knowledge from the BP School, i've thought to pay back all this much information in form of a system that i've put together in the last few weeks.This system that im going to share with you is only one of my many good systems,so you can view this system as my thanks for the BP community from where i’ve learned alot.

So let’s start!



The system is named Holy Grail because it’s one of my strategies/systems that i’ve tested on a demo account and worked very well.It’s very very simple to use and to learn that even my dog could trade with it.So i’ve build an EA on it, and it had bad results because the system is based on FRACTALS,which means that it LAGGS a bit, precisely 1 candle after the sign (not 3 like in the Chaos Theory, so it’s better than Bill Williams :wink: ), which i think it’s not that bad.


The system is like I said based on FRACTALS, but custom modified ones not like the ones used by the Bill Williams theory.A fractal is basically a measurement of BULLISH/BEARISH sentiment changes.The indicator looks back x number of periods (which can be customly set) and checks trend reversals from BULL to BEAR by comparing the last 1 candle to the previous x number of candles.It’s pretty simple ey?, and also i`ve modified a few more criterias when to signal the reversals.And when a reversal will happen in the momentum, then a RED/GREEN arrow will signal tradeable situations.


[li]Timeframe: I recommend atleast M15 , because of spread and low volume ,to not get caught in a consolidation, but because the system is fractal based, theoretically works on any timeframe. [/li][li]Pairs: I only used it on EUR/USD , USD/CHF,GBP/USD and USD/JPY because i care for the low spread, as I said earlier it doesnt matter if the pair is trending or ranging because fractals are compatible with everything.But because low spread pairs are cheaper to enter i recommend those listed above. [/li][/ul]

[li]BUY entry signal: When a green arrow appears below the price [/li][li]SELL entry signal: When a red arrow appears above the price [/li][/ul]

[li]BUY manual EXIT signal: When a red arrow appears above the price [/li][li]SELL manual EXIT signal: When a green arrow appears below the price [/li][/ul]

[li]STOPLOSS: ~10-15 PIPS (100-150 on 5 digit broker) on the M15 timeframe, if you go higher then use wider ones depending on the pair [/li][li]TAKEPROFIT: Not really needed since you exit on the opposite signals, but if you use some advanced Money Management tehnique then you should use traling stop instead of TP, because it’s more flexible. [/li][/ul]

You should trade like in this picture is illustrated!


[li]MAIN_PERIOD = Number of bars to check for momentum reversals [/li][li]ADX_PERIOD = Period of the ADX indicator to filter the consolidations [/li][li]MINBARS = Number of bars’s reversals to be shown in the chart,this does affect the indicator’s accuracy,the more bars, the more accurate is the indicator [/li][li]GRAPHICAL_USER_INTERFACE = Do you want additional trade info to be shown on your chart or not? [/li][li]SOUND_ALERT = Do you want a sound alert when a trade entry signal appears? [/li][li]EMAIL_NOTIFICATION= Do you want e-mail notification? [/li][li]SMS_NOTIFICATION= Do you want SMS notification to your phone? [/li][li]Note, the indicator will only send this notification if you have configured notifications in MT4 options and have and MT4 ID linked with your phone/e-mail adress, if not then it won’t work and should be leaved to false. [/li][/ul]

[li]I would recommend to leave everything on default if you are new, or use it on M15 :slight_smile: [/li][/ul]


Just put the HOLY GRAIL.ex4 file in the folder named Indicators, MetaTrader\experts\indicators ,then put the indicator on your chart,and you are good to go! And put the template holy grail template.tpl in MetaTrader\experts emplates, and load the template.The template file is optional, but the indicator is required.


Good Luck! And Post here if you found better settings of the indicator than the default, or if you found better entry exit points! You can combine it with other indicators also but this is the “naked” system!

HOLY GRAIL SYSTEM v1.6.zip (9.44 KB)

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Hi Proximus,

Thanks for sharing your trading method. My dog has already made 55 pips today trading your system! :30:

Hi Proximus,

My dog has already made 55 pips trading your system! :30:

Thankyou for the share on the settings i have them set at 1,15,5000,true,1 is this correct?
I will place it on my demo 4hr charts.
BTW when the arrow appears we should wait 2 candles,before taking the signal,so the arrow does not dissappear,as its based on fractals,is this correct.
As i see that the candle can dissapear if you dont wait 3 candles.
Yes just had a arrow appear 3 candles back,this arrow is only good as confirmation,not a stand alone system,cannot trade as per picture above impossible.

thanks for your system and i saw the fractal dissappear in yesterday how we filter this repaint issue?

Yea i also noticed the repaint issue and there is also a bug with the sound alarm.I will try to fix that, please be patient until then :smiley:

Ok i fixed the repaint issue,i hope, and also improved a bit the indicator.I’ve added a GUI (Graphical User Interface), where you can check all your account’s details, if you don’t want the terminal to be open.It contains really useful information about spread,acc balance,margin, swap,etc.

You can download the new version at the first post , version 1.1 .

If you dont want that to be shown on your chart, just set the variable “Graphical User Interface” to false.

Furthermore, you guys asked how to set the indicator propertly, well i recommend the SHIFT to be 1, because SHIFT 0 counts the bars from the current bar which is not closed yet so that may give you some problems, and anything above 1 will cause much lag, so i would keep that to 1 a.k.a the last closed bar.

The PERIOD variable is set to 15 by default now and it works great on M15, if you use other TF then you change it to any value you see fit.

The COUNTED BARS is will not make the indicator less or more accurate because the indicator counts all bars on the current chart defined in the OPTIONS/CHART in your MT4 settings.What this variable does is just sets the indicator to show the last x numbers of reversals, but that doesnt mean that it doesnt counts them.So if you set it to a low value it will just be easier for your computer to render those red/green arrows if you have a slow PC,but the accuracy is not affected at all.

And the MARGIN OF ERROR variable is only needed if you have SHIFT 0 otherwise its just good to be at 0.

I hope you like the new version, unfortunately i removed the sound and alert system because it was bugged, so for now it doesn’t have one until i figure out what was the problem.So if you detect any other bugs please tell me so i can correct it.Good Luck!

Thanks for the updated version,i will put it on the demo,
I will run it on the 4 hr charts and change the period what do you suggest ?

Thanks for your feedback! Well, idk about 20-25 is ok, here is how it looks on H4 with 25 period.It really depends on how big trades you want to enter.If you want shorter trades put lower period if you want very long terms then put longer period.

Another quick HOTFIX , if i can say, i now reduced the repainting a bit, now it only repaints if you restart MT4 hopefully.Also i added back the sound alert system which you can enable and be alerted with a sound when a trade situation appears.Also an alert window will show you some details about the situation.The other change that I made is that now the indicator is fully compatible with ECN and Market Maker brokers.

Version 1.2 can be downloaded from the first post!

Hi Proximus,
thank you for sharing your system here.
Is it normal that the system can give us 2 buy signals without creating a sell signal?


EDIT: just installed your update 1.2 and now it is shown correctly

Hi proximus
System sound interesting. I’m testing it on demo, and I’ll let you know how it works.
Can you add an SMS feature to send an alert to a phone?
That would give us a signal if we’re not at the computer.

Thanks for your hard work

I updated it again, and abandoned the idea on fractals because either it was too laggy or it did too much repaint, so the 1.3 version is now fully working :wink:

Your wish is granted, i implemented a feature of SMS & EMAIL notification when a trade situation appears.I don’t know if it works propertly so i wait for your feedback.Also you must have the MT4 app on your phone for this to work and also have it linked with the mt4.You know how to do this i hope, for sms notification put your phonenumber@… for example "123456789@yahoo.com" at the OPTIONS/NOTIFICATION and for email notification you write there your e-mail.If you dont know watch a tutorial that explains it better.

[B]So version 1.3 is done,and can be downloaded from the first post[/B]
[U][B]Let’s recap the changes:[/B][/U]

[li]Fractal idea abandoned, it was too laggy or did too much repaint, and i changed it with another good system that seems to give to me atleast 70% accurate signals [/li][li]SMS & EMAIL notification added, you set this to true and you must have the SMS/EMAIL settings configured in MT4 to use this feature, also for SMS you must have the MT4 app on your phone [/li][li]Removed a few variables [/li][li]Now the MINBARS (minimum bars counted) variable will affect the accuracy of the signal so if you got a fast PC you can have a high value if not then leave it on default or lower it [/li][li]PERIOD variable is set now to 6 because the new system works on this better, so for M15 use period 6, for other timeframes change it as you see fit[/li][li]The system now will [B]NEVER EVER[/B] repaint again,it will only modify the arrow’s height sometimes to adjust to your screen resolution but not it’s position on the bars! [/li][li]A few more minor changes [/li][/ul]

If you detect any bugs please notify me, good luck trading, i will soon post some trades to see how well the system works, i didnt used this new system for a while so who knows, but i bet it will give very good signals!

Hi Proximus,

Sorry for the lame qn, but we need to have a MT4 program before we can use your system right? XD

Edit: I’ve just downloaded a MT4 program but couldn’t find the" folder named Indicators, MetaTrader\experts\indicators" ==. Can you help me with it pls? :21:

Yes the system is only working on the Metatrader 4 platform.If you trade on other platform then i cant help you sorry.I can only program in MQL4 language.

What operating system you have?

I have windows 7 64 bit and my metatrader is installed to program files x86, so search there
if you have windows xp then simply program files or if you installed in a custom location then search there :57:

thx for new version proxi
i will give you some feedback after testing :slight_smile:

Windows 7 :D. Hmm I have a MT 4 program by Alpari UK but the issue is after I pasted the HOLY GRAIL ex4 file inside the indicators folder, and after I open the program, I could not find the indicator inside the program. And when I check the folder again the ex4 file is gone. ==

Rename the file or do it on administrator mode, or untick the read-only in of the indicator folder’s property.

Finally i closed the orders that i took 6 hours ago.It’s 2 am here so before going to bed let me show you how those signals worked out.

In total 89.73$ profit, and before you ask, i censored the previous trades because those were done with the old system.Maybe i should make a new demo account to start with a fresh start, but you get the idea.This system is very impressive and accurate, believe it or not.

As for settings actually use now PERIOD 10 on M15 timeframe, because it works better than period 6.I will do some optimization tomorrow but for now PERIOD 10 is the best for M15 so check it out, and good luck and good night! :53: