Hong Kong Genesis Group


Does anyone know anything about the forex trading broker name " HKGenesisGroup"? How serious are they?

I’ve never heard of them. I recommend reaching out to them to ask them what their regulation is, then double checking with the regulator they claim licensed them.

Never heard of them. I tried a google search for HK Genesis Group and there isn’t a lot of information about them.

Hello. I would also like to know about HK Genesis. Have you used them? A woman is trying to get me to utilize them for trading currencies. Let me know your experience. Hello

Same happened to me , does the woman’s name start with a G?

Beware! Scam!

Actually i found the answer after a long search:

(Sadly i cannot post links but if you google well, google " HKgenesis group " AND “wikifx”

The review below comes from wikifx dot com

The reviewer’s quote: (scroll to the bottom of the review site to actually find it)

“Met the woman through a dating app. Couldnt withdraw or even access my account anymore ONE DAY after having signed up” ~ end of quote

My personal experience hoping it sounds recognizable and may prevent future victims :

Dating app i met her on was pinalove. Goes by the name of G******e (i even respect a scammers probably fake identity lol)

From the start she mentions business and forex trading. Keeps raving about her forex results but cant really talk much else about investments in general.

Coaxes you into dloading mt4 demo. "So you can practice safely without losing money.

Then she sends you " forex tips from her analyst" that turn out huge winners indeed in the mt4 demo version. One wonders how she manages this to be honest.

Then she works you slowly to become her sweetheart (lets deactivate our dating account and make babies lmao) and to wire your dollars to hkgenesis group. Through her trusted broker who is ofcourse reliable being her mother’s highschool friend and all.

This broker’s site , btw, is only online since january 2021… which rang the second set of warning bells when i discovered that.

Absolutely no info on the broker and neither on the hkgenesis company save the 1.17 /10 score on the review site posted and 2 scams reported.

Stay away from this and and if too late already , double check the firm (dont take my reply for truth either i dobt mean to defame people should we not be talking about the same woman ) and report to authorities asap.

Am saving my chat history with her and “the broker” just for that last purpose. May help someone.

The broker’s name goes a bit like : F**o Uw.

Both communicate through whatsapp and want you to register or set up account fast.

Broker nowhere to be found on the internet either.

Stay away from them, please dear people.

I luckily never wired money… my gut was wrenching when i read the bank details i was suppose to fund my account through (bank of east asia but on a private name as beneficiary which was a warning to me as well)

Broker says he works with 3d party banks (no liability??)

What comes to mind just now when writing this:

I realized both the woman and broker used the exact same language… which I found awkward.

I mean how they work and approach you as well.

“Now is the ideal moment since Friday is non agricultural day” “a time for big profits” both mentioned that and similar “coincidental language”

They both will “teach” you all about forex and setting up an account… just to name one thing.

But in case if the woman she hardly knows anything of investments once you ask deeper questions.

New to the forum not sure if members can contact eachother but if you need to reach out i am willing to.

Stay safe!

P.s. can’t blame you /me she looks hot and knows how to play it though she kinda feels like an empty box lmao

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Hello. Think I have the same woman, but her name begins with an L. Yes she is beautiful, very smart and friendly. Started with a friendship then all of a sudden the trading thing with MT4. I also found a site that mentions the company used to be called 365 something and was a scam. I don’t plan on investing and still talk to her. She denied it’s a scam. Trying to see if she keeps pushing me. I won’t budge.

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Oh I am still happily playing along with her.

“I funded the account honey”

Wonder how she will react or how long it takes before she disappears.

Another thing … googling her " broker" (his name) happens to give only one result (on linked in)
Happens to be a jpmorgan analyst maybe they just took the poor guy’s name who knows.

Or a fake profile. All adds up to the credibility I guess.

The broker’s company name (which if you Google domain names for safety has changed many times - after each scammed person I suppose - I still won’t accuse someone if i don’t know every detail which in this case seems impossible with my limited skills)

And is only online since January 2021. Company name is mfip group - nowhere to be found on the net.

Another thing I forgot to mention not sure if it helps.

They ask for a receipt of proof of having worked the funds. A practice unheard of in my country (because it hasn’t much of a legal value here).

She is asking me now if i send the receipt. (Which i ofcourse said yes to) will see long it takes till she gets it.

Question: since i am not American, any idea to which regulatory organ in the states I could notify of this?

Simply don’t want people to be hurt this way

She claims to be From Hong Kong. She contacted me by “mistake” on WhatsApp claiming she thought I was someone else. We developed a friendship and then after a few months she started to push trading currencies. Also claims to be in fashion, has an uncle in NY, she is visiting in September. What’s your story?

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Weird. Like I said met her on the dating site. Also fashion. And forex ofcourse!

Claims to be half Japanese half Chinese with some Hong Kong link. Definitively lives in USA or talks American English well. Never mentioned travel to or having an uncle in NY.

When we started chatting she switched from her “business number” to her private. Makes it really credible she has a business right.

Business and trading are her favorite words btw. And food. She likes that

She is also visiting in September but several countries in Europe (my location). Not really friendship more like exploring as potential partners. She takes her time though didn’t take a week to mention mt4 and forex. Really pushy always came back to the subject of trading with her mixed with a relationship ofcourse. When we called however, I didn’t really get the feeling she was that interested in me as a person. I pick up quickly on that and just let her talk to see when the monkey would cone out of the sleeve.

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Interesting! Yes supposedly lives in Hong Kong, hikes Victoria Peak weekly, Likes Black tea, has a sister. Travels all over Asia and loves food! Lol. Said she graduated college and almost got married after a 7 year relationship, but her BF cheated on her. Sad thing is, she (or he) is really responsive and caring. Sure it’s an act. Probably same girl though.

Haven’t talked to her on the phone. Talked to her about zoom. Claims to never have heard about it.

It is a she. Videocalled with her.

Continuing my convo with her. Exact same language as the “broker” . Maybe it is her boyfriend lmao…

They seem to be online at the exact same time I have noticed. Asking about the exact same things… "have you sent the receipt to the broker darling so i can fund your account as promised? "

Anyways, it is late here and don’t feel much for talking more about her person, because she remains a human being after all and maybe not the purpose of the site.

All I hope is that my writings here help prevent people from possibly being scammed in the future.

More research on hk genesis learns they are not or poorly regulated so let’s all just stay safe and stay away from the company. There are much better and safer companies to work with.

Cheers !

Thanks. Curious to know if she is as beautiful as her photos! Have a good night!

Stay away from this scammers!!! HKGENESISGROUP
MFIP Genesis Group A girl named “Sammie Masato” she say to be Japanese/Korean she[this is the scammer website mfiphkgg dot com looks for victims trough dating websites and after a while she tells you to join the broker and make profit together.
She send me fake driver license after I invested. the broker name “Fernando” from USA and the analyst “Dennis” probably UK
They changed my stoploss so I lost 41K they manipulate charts and generate spikes not seen on other broker charts. Prices are not matching.
I uploaded by bank wire 22K the moment I tried to whitdrawal they blocked my account and my dad’s account. They also give big bonusses when you upload money. Before they receive the transfer they put it into your account already.
No time to loose…They had contact with me trough whatsapp. but it’s an internet number…+1 (831) 322-4009 and also +1 (407) 534-7621 Sammie Masato if this is her real name…The broker use this number +1 (318) 233-3000 “Fernando” and the analyst +44 7520 645171 “Dennis” I have prove and pictures of everything. So if there is someone who can advise me on how to get money back it would much appreciated. The accounts hold 133K USD if I get my 22K back the resting funds are for the person who can help me…As a new member I can’t post pictures but feel free to ask me. +32498/222.222 (Thomas Whatsapp)

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Hi, Thomas Scheers, I had a 5-month transaction with this company before. I don’t think it is impossible to withdraw money. I withdrew 4 times, 5K once, 25K the second, 25K the third, and 50K the fourth. Unfortunately, when I withdrew for the first time, it took nearly a week to receive the money. There is indeed an analyst thing, and my analyst is the same as you. Lol, I think you should be unlucky, maybe you need to communicate with them.

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everything you said, happened the same to me !!!
Thank you so much !

thank you so much for sharing your experience !!!

I agree with you! I have no problems when it comes to my withdrawal. I think the key is having a good communication with the broker and DO NOT HAVE LOANS IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PAY because they have loans policy and failure to pay means no withdrawal for you. Whatever you say as long as i am earning and making money im gonna continue. Not bad to earn good amount of money after months of trading. I wish you Goodluck genteleman!

Yes the girl who was bringing me into this scam could show me nice photoshops from whitdrawals. You can always post the whitdrawals and according bank statements in the post here…The case is more and more people start to contact me with a similar story. So I think you are part of their scammers club!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMERS.
People can always Thank me to protect them from loosing a lot of money. The scammers can even send back my funds/investment and I stop exposing. But every day I spend 1 hour to expose them and I will do this untill something happens. From Interpol or FBI cyber crime unit or whatever. If they say they are NFA regulated on the website and they are not you know what kind of people you are dealing with. DON’T FALL FOR IT!!! There is only one place for people like this and this is JAIL!!! All the girls who are helping and the master brain MR Fernando alias the Broker… SOARE-CATALINCOSMIN you can always whatsapp with me I am very curious who you are

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