Hong Kong Protests

I’m praying for the people of Hong Kong. :frowning: I’ve read some articles that they’ve lost their fight, but I admire their courage to defend their freedom.

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China’s actions to push back democratic and legal rights in HK display their fear that these will spread to the mainland. This would inevitably weaken the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian powers. Its obvious the party admit by their actions to being authoritarian and fear the loss of the party’s liberty to rule in this way.

Communist governments can only sustain through the suppression of freedom and alternative political systems.

Tbh, I can’t imagine this happening. :frowning: I follow Chinese artists and it’s like people are super blinded by whatever their government’s been feeding them that they criticize the actions of HK people. :confused: But people from other parts of the world are beginning to speak up against China. I mean, they’d be forced to give in, right? :open_mouth:

I suspect they won’t feel ideologically able to back down, nor economically compelled to.

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I know China’s a really big economy and countries typically want to just stay on their good side. :confused: But I’ve read that President Trump said he’ll respond “very strongly” if the China pushes through with this. :open_mouth: So it’s possible that the US and its allies stand up for the freedom of HK. :confused: I’m just not sure what that will really bring.

Much more important to see what the president has done rather than hear what the president has said.

In US foreign policy terms, actions have provided additional political support to Israel, increased economic pressure on Iran, reduced support for western collaborative foreign policy efforts. His efforts against ISIS were determined at first but then faltered and have reduced to periodic air strikes against key ISIS leaders.

As for China, Russia, Syria, North Korea - nothing much to show.

He truly does say a lot. :sweat_smile:

What the people of Hong Kong have been through is something. I’m sorry about what’s happening these days. But I respect them for not being afraid to protest against the authorities, knowing what they can expect. To me, it’s a real heroism not to be afraid to go out and fight for the rights and freedoms that you believe in.

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In the political sense it should not matter to anyone how the Chinese government deals with Hong Kong. The government is run by the communist party and the communist party is run by Xi Jinping.

Who thinks these are good things? Who thinks China under Xi would be a marvellous place to live if only they were more lenient with Hong Kong?

China is actually not a bad place to live, but they really should let this Hong Kong thing go.

China is a single-party dictatorship, run by a corrupt self-serving communist party, which is controlled by a megalomaniac. In what sense is this not a bad place to live?


They have very biased media, controlled by the government to forward their agenda. :confused: The actions of the citizens are closely monitored, much like in George Orwell’s 1984. :confused: Critics are prosecuted and some just disappear completely. Even their access to sites on the internet is restricted. :open_mouth: :frowning: But I don’t know. Have you lived in China, by any chance? :open_mouth: I’d be super interested to know why you think so. :open_mouth:


China has a “cybersecurity” policy. It can be said that Chinese people cannot access Facebook, and Chinese people are also monitored when accessing the internet. As we know, the internet thrives only with a little news will be spread very quickly to the public.
Such as Chinese viruses is a typical. From the outset of the virus pathogen, news of the virus has been monitored and banned by the Chinese government. If anyone spreads, they will be imprisoned. like the case when a Chinese doctor discovered the virus and was harmed to death by the Chinese authorities.
The people leading Hong Kong, they knew that Chinese leadership was bad, so they had to regain their own sovereignty

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Hi @NickWhittle - Well, its been 3 days now and no word from you as to why China’s not a bad place to live…

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Hi @NickWhittle. Still no reply. Cat got your tongue?

That’s the last from me.

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This is just upsetting. :confused: And legally speaking, it’s okay for China to be doing these things despite it being against the privacy rights of the people. :confused: Is it too late for Hong Kong? Isn’t there anything else the global community can do for them?

He probably had a change of heart? :sweat_smile:

Hi @ria_rose - I’ve done a few replies to some of your threads and abandoned them unfinished - I’ll have another go here.

Firstly “legal” ? - not quite according to the treaty they signed with UK - but only that it is “early” and here in the UK there is some statementf from Boris that we will grant assylum and a route to citizenship for 2-3 million if they want to come here.

That I am ambivalent about - Yes they would be a huge asset - BUT we know from experience that anyone who leaves China but leaves family behind WILL be blackmailed into acting as an Agent for the “Party” - by threats against their families left behind. On the other hand it would go some ways to solving other issues and promoting free enterprise and democracy.

Secondly the Hong Kong people seem to have bbeen badly betrayed by their Own Leader -woman !

However many of us in “the west” are really quite pessimistic about the future of western values - even in the short - term. All “Empires” collapse and Stefan Molyneux’s “Fall of Rome” - (is available on You tube but they don’t like him so it will Not “Autocomplete” - and it’s quit long) - gives us an overview of what is happening in the West and how it is likely to develop.

We also have the huge problem of neo-Marxism creeping through our Public Services, media and Politicians through the Indoctrination of our children and grand children in the Education System.

I don’t know whether the “western value system” can lurch drunkenly forward for a few more generations before collapsing or not - But for the future for your children and grand-children - my estimation is that we shall all be dominated either by lslam or CCP eventually - and Both of these are totalitarian, highly racist regimes - So I don’t even know which if either I woud prefer.

I expect Taiwan will follow shortly after Hong Kong and sadly your Islands will not be far behind imo.

All I can really suggest is that you take a pragmatic view of it and work out “What’s best for me” ? job-wise and whether to emigrate perhaps ? and try to keep any “Activism” against CCP to a minimum - I don’t know though and a good many men in the west are looking too at places to emigrate to - because we are so discriminated against in our own countries. - At this time, I think it would be wise to try to take a view which says “Oh that’s interesting - Lets see what happens” - and to keep away from the empathy and sympathy which we know your heart is so full of - try to think about it as “interesting” rather than addressing it with your feelings

In fact a good many of the very best western brains are actually GOING TO China to work - because “Affirmative action” means they cannot get decent jobs where they can use their High abilities in the west at all ! - But China has no made up issues like “Affirmative Action” and “Global Warming” to worry about and will pay them great salaries to teach at their Unversities and do “Research” for them. Whilst second or third rate brains get the jobs these men Should have been doing. This will naturally result in CCP getting further and further ahead technically of course - but hey we’ll still be struggling with whether boys and girls are a “Social Costruct” - when the CCP comes for US !

Hi Falstaff! :blush: It’s been a while since we got to talk and I’m happy we have the chance again! :slight_smile: You always have interesting perspectives. :slight_smile:

Yeah. :open_mouth: I stand corrected. China claims that their actions are legal and within the law but after reading more about it, there’s no way that this would be legal. :confused: All the more that people should condemn their actions.

We know that the CCP is really capable of this. :frowning: But I think it would be best if there is some way to have even their families brought over so that there wouldn’t be any concerns about them working as an agent for the party. :frowning:

Yeah. Well, this is not a surprise since she was appointed by China. :frowning: She’s more like a placeholder or a puppet of some sort. :frowning:

Shouldn’t this motivate us to go against China now before they take over and also make us experience the abuse they’re currently doing to HK’s people? :open_mouth: I feel like, the more we let them just carry on with their abuse and bullying, the more power they’d have over us. And if we can nip that in the bud, wouldn’t that be better? :open_mouth:

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