I have got my account at HotForex, since I am new, I would apprecicate your sharing experience with HF. Thanks.


I’m looking to open a account with them too. Would be nice to get some feed back on the one

Never trust a broker with weak regulations… And oh yea this firm is in a tiny island near Africa : )

oops sorry mods i started a hotforex thread without seeing this one… anyways i’ll post

i opened a micro account with them before i opened a standard and i had 70 bucks and i basically blew all of it in 2 days.

i have been demoing with hotforex for a few months and i like their platform they use meta trader 4. i haven’t yet tried to withdraw any money

Which island? And how has it been around?

I have been using these guys for under a year now and they have been great.

very professional, great customer service, tight spreads and didn’t have to wait for ages to withdraw profit made.

overall i would recommend these guys to all traders out there.

also about where they are registered, its probably to do with tax reasons, i wouldn’t worry so much about it.

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I have been using their service, basically the customer service is quite good, however the server acts very slow at peak times. I sometimes logged out at busy time therefore lost some money.

Their website is very friendly and easy to see. Also funding is fast, haven’t earned any withdraw yet.

I don’t know why they have bonus for all deposits upto 30% all the time. That looks tricky.

I think hotforex is not trustworthy especially when it deal with client’s privacy detail. I’ve write about that with title: Hotforex Scam Alert but can not gve the link because i don’t have enough post before included a link.

Hey Denika,

In my view of HotForex is pretty good Company, I am very happy with Customer Support Of HotForex. Tell me what you had bad with HotForex ?

yeah I’ve been with hotforex since early this year, there have been some issues but everything was handled well by their support team, and right now things are quite smooth, and I really like it there compared to other brokerage I’ve been with before…

Hey jingoy,

In my view of HotForex is pretty good Company, I am very happy with Customer Support Of HotForex. Tell me what issues you had with HotForex ?

hey jingoy … from where are you ?
and if I can ask you … about your profits … can you give me an Idea about that ?
and yes you are right they have got a great costumer support team ! I like hotforex !

HI, it’s happy to see so many people are using hotforex and satisfied with it.
I am using hotforex too, earned some money last 2 weeks due to the rise of the Euro and retreat before it dropped in the last weekend.

How are your guys?

hi vaibhav,

ahm, there was a time that they had a problem with the connection of the platforms (which is fixed now) I lost some money, it had a bad effect on me, but I was surprised when i contacted there support team, they where really friendly and they saw how legit my claim was and they refunded the money. it was an experience and i was really pleased.

Hi, can i trade metals and commodities on hot forex using micro acount? What is the spead in gold and crude oil?

hi myloueibiz

yeah, definitely you can trade in metals and commodities even if you are using a micro account, ahm I’ve checked the spreads and as of the moment its 5pips for crude oil and 34cents for gold :slight_smile: I hope this helps…

hi mohandcherif,

I’m sorry about the late reply, I’m from southeast asia here in the Philippines, nice too meet you, I’d say I’m making around 260pips on an average and its quite good for me the way I’m doing things right now. I have also had an experience with their support team, theu are really friendly. btw whay where are you from and how is trading with you?

Hey jingoy,

Thanks for the sharing your experiencing with us related to Hotforex, I am like their Costumer support too :slight_smile:

hi vaibhav,

yeah i know what you mean, how is trading going on with you? :slight_smile:

Its going on very good Mate :slight_smile: