There was a maintenance today right. its a good thing I got it early on my email, :slight_smile:
btw vaibhav what pair are you trading in? do you also trade metals.

Yes It is , but According to me it will be resolved soon. and Yes I am dealing with Metals.

yeah, everything seems to be working right now, though the market is a bit crazy today :slight_smile:

Yeah it is mate :), Just little bit confuse that have to stay or just buy/sell :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, I’m looking forward to make some money today, if everything works according to my plan… wish me luck :slight_smile:

R u guys serious???
Every FX site you go on for newbie advice tells you to go with a properly regulated broker. U guys trade with a broker registered in Mauritius???

yes, at least i am, and I’m quite happy, maybe because I understand why they are registered in Mauritius, and honestly it is a smart move, basic trading/marketing 101, “good profit can be either by big money income or less expense” and the guys are going for the less expense, a walk in the street is a gamble with our own lives! so whats a little risk with my money in Mauritius? and I’m earning for almost a year now :slight_smile:

Of-course we are serious :slight_smile: and I am agree with jingoy what he said “good profit can be either by big money income or less expense”.

Hi Jingoy how are you? I am from Philippines too, its nice feeling having a kababayan trading in forex world… Probably by next week I will open a live account on this broker hotforex. Im waiting for my withdrawal from my other broker. Congrats for your winning trades, 260 pips average is very nice. Mine is less than 100 pips, I do trading while working and its really difficult to analyze where the trend is going.

Kabayan, that’s good to hear, and welcome to hotforex in advance, yeah I totally understand, we all have our priorities of course, and in forex trading I believe that as long as it is profit then its all good… congrats kabayan and happy trading! :slight_smile:

is there anything wrong with Mauritius?
I’d been using hotforex for long and I think everything is fine. There are several offshore financial centers in some islands. even for most Fortune 500 companies, so there is nothing wierd.

taohai, are you from Mauritius ?


I am not from there,actually offshore financial centers are very popular so it’s really not important how small the country is. bermuda, kayman islands are also of this type.

Just want to tell you this guys i am a small time trader and if you know how HOTFOREX work then it is very good broker withdrawing money from them is less 5 hours and i am in the USA. It took me 3 blown accounts to learn how they work but I am able to take off an average $400 plus a month in profit with them again they are not perfect but they are a hell better then all the US brokers that I know of. The most important thin is there Finance dep. only open from 7gmt to 4gmt so if you had to add money into your account out of that time frame you would loose your account I learned it the hard way. I hope this help you guys

dk58198, hahah, you are really a interesting guy.
i know one of my best friends also had 3 blown accounts. one account was blown up within 2 hours.

i’d rather say it’s the problem of your trading strategy. you may earn some money within a short time, however you will lose your money too, in the same way. most probably you will lose more.

my advice for you is using the right trading stratedy and follow it.

Don’t be too in a hurry!
the best fund will not win money so quickly.

i don’t see any problem with hotforex financial department with your issue. Hotforex is great indeed!

very interesting… sorry about the blown accounts but 400+ is really good… thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep this mind :smiley: cheers

Lol, Do not get angry :slight_smile: I just asked a simple question. what are you trading with HF ?

So how you guys doing? I am really caring much about everyone’s trading strategies.

I guess he is if im not mistaken. we are on a hotforex thread :smiley:

Who jingoy ?