Nah, exotic pairs have high costs for scalping, I think fundamental analysis works better on them, because less factors affect their movement.

thats what i love about forex, there is a something for everyone, some are good with exotics others stick with majors etc. yout will always find something that suits you…

Can we deposit/withdraw by Bitcoin and other crypto with this broker?

yup you can, but different options offer different min amounts of deposits, check first with support though just to be sure…

Through a notification email, this broker also has Telegram, anyone experienced with Telegram? I see many trader using Telegram. How does it come with benefit?

Yes I deposit and withdraw from Hotforex using Bitcoin, delivery time is max 24 hours. I think you have to go and try it’s a very convenient option.

I will recomend Hotforex anytime. Av been wth them for a yr now and i have grown with them. In terms of withdrawals and deposits it works perfect

Not considering swift payment, I really like their services in both account and asset options. You can find everything here, even crypto trading.

yeah i guess its pretty obvious the broker has established its reliability, the only thing we have to worry about is our personal trading strategies.

Congratulations fellow! Btw which type of account did you choose or you use several?

what is the best account type to trade for this broker? I see this broker offering many account types and I chose premium but not sure if it’s best one. Any value comparison from each account type I can refer?

just stick with premium to get the hang of trading in general, then maybe move to something else that would suit your style, it really depends, honestly im just doing a regular premium account

I used fixed spread account to trade during news: spreads are fixed but too high for most of the time. Trade-specific account.

Micro: good account too start with.

Premium: Most popular choice, low spreads, personal manager attractive average spreads.

I havent tried other in depth, im sticking with what works and premium is really good

This broker also has accounts for auto-trading, PAMM and copy trading. I am still looking for reviews on those. Anyone experienced?

PAMM works great but only if you can wait. I made some mistakes withdrawing early because managers show good long-term performance and may have some drawdowns in short-term.

yup, depending on the pamm performance i guess, and if ur willing to leave the money there and have no urgent use for it.

Does this broker have any ongoing contest, I surfed their website but see only one. Looking for virtual contest.

you talking about the 10th year anniversary contest? promotion, u can check under their promotion tabs for contests and events, its a good one and quiet big this year, good luck

I think you can try demo to real contest it is conducted monthly. But you have to be smart to know how to make massive demo returns. The HotForex ‘Virtual to Real’ DEMO Contest