How are you feeling about cryptocurrencies dip?

With this current crypto market price crash situation, are you buying the dip? panic selling or still holding?

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A large correction was always going to happen. Watch it and trade it like I would any other pair.

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Hmmm. :thinking: I’ve been waiting to get back in for a while now but it’s still a little too high for me. Do you think there’s any chance it will go even lower? Haha.

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It was due for sure. I like the fact its an impulse move down showing it is taking liquidity so not a complete market shift


There was a big rally, a significant correction after that is normal. :man_shrugging:


I am going to hold on to it for this year, at least. I feel that it is a fair shot that Cryptos are going to soar pretty higher by the end of this year.

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The crypto market just passed 2 trillion US dollars market cap, dip or no dip. This correction won’t last long.


I think tat there is a large connection between this

Completely agree. There is such much large money like paypal, grayscale, tesla involved now it wont be allowed to dip too far unless they want it too

I agree. I think they may push it down some to buy more at a lower price, but that’s it.

This dump won’t last. Maybe till the end of the month, get us a red monthly candle on BTC (won’t get a historic 7 green monthly in a row) then pump like mad.

We’re nowhere near top

Will you finally get in then? :sweat_smile:

I really hope so! Have you invested in Bitcoin by now?

Even with the current dip in cryptos, I feel that the future for cryptos is extremely bright. I have no plans of selling it any time soon and I feel that there is no need to do panic selling for anyone.

I have, yes! Got in at 50 and 48 last time! COME JOIN US lol.

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How are you doing now after Musk did what he did? :frowning:

Its still in a bullish move, all will be well :slight_smile:

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I got in my friend. I hope you did too. I had buy orders below 45. :slight_smile:

It’s in freefall, I am still waiting. Are you still keeping your longs open? :frowning:

Got in some more just earlier lol. Falling knife? I don’t know her. :rofl: