How can Babypips help me to be a money manager?

Being a professional forex trader is not an easy task, but very little number of people become a pro in a few years.
Once they make a good trading plan and unshakable confidence, they will think about trading bigger fund.
Can Babypips help these guys?

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Yes, Babypips can be a valuable source.

how can BP help me?

The number one way wuold be if you posted up the strategy you’re using and let some experienced traders on here look over it.

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Why would a trader with unshakable confidence be looking anywhere in order to trade a bigger fund? He would just need more money.

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They could consider taking a prop firm challenge, and follow in my footsteps.


Yes. Just need more money.
But how can he get it?
Can BP help this?

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taking a prop firm challenge is one option, but its rules are very unfavorable to the traders.
How can successful traders find investors easilly?

Here you go.

How are the rules unfavorable to the traders?

Do you really think finding investors will be easy? How easy would it be for me to convince you to give me your money? Well, you’ll be on the asking side trying to figure that out.

Did you try using the search engine? Maybe you’ll find some answers buried in this forum.


i’ve just answered (for what it’s worth) at great length in your other thread, here:

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How do you imagine babypips helping? :open_mouth:

I mean can BP be a place where traders and investors are met?

Sure, anything is possible. Probably not likely though.

It’s majority beginners here. I think investors would go somewhere else, with lots of profitable and experienced traders.


Exactly. It’s like he’s not listening or something…


I’ve seen some prop firms increase the allowed time frame to trade to unlimited. Have you looked at FTMO?

Or do you mean like max loss or max daily loss being unfavorable?

FTMO 1000 max loss, 1000 profit target.

I am making 150% a year, so it will take 6-12 months for me to pass the step 1 verification.

How about you?


if you make 150% a year, how will it take 6-12 months to make 10%?

seems to me that your math may be deeply flawed, here (maybe alarming, for someone wanting to raise investment capital?!) :open_mouth:


This right here.

mono calculadora

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His maths is not the most shocking thing.

It is the fact that while he claims he can “manage money”, he is looking for signals…