How can I get an investor to work TOGETHER

As above heading it’s concerned.
Am looking someone or a company to work with in trading. I have Trading skills but I lack enough fund to even a penny to trade.

Am really ready to be interviewed to show my skills to anyone who is interested.
Am ready to do any demo account evaluation or even real account.

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Put yourself in their shoes. What would it take you to hire someone or partner with someone who has no evidence of performance or prior work history? Would you hire someone based purely off of their own self-review?

Now go out and obtain those that you think are important.

Perhaps that means saving cash to start a live account or enter a prop firm and build your trading track record.

It will be tough to get this moving if you’re not brining anything to the table other than your word.


Why not post your trading results to show what you are capable of?

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Try these

I think this is what you’re looking for.

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They need you to pay. I wonder how you’ve to pay, it’s like a football club looking for a talented and passionate player to play with their team then ask him to pay instead of giving him like an evaluation match.
Or company is looking for talented people to work with so that they produce for the company but still you’ve to pay for them in order to work with them. This is my perception.

If someone is interested no need to ask my results verified. He can give me sim account then see me how I trade within two or three months it’s enough to be satisfied with my performance skills.
How can you give my results which isn’t a real time

Yeah but those football players have some history to show to the team. For example, their experiences with other teams, their records before, etc.


I can trade for simulation even for three months to show someone who is interested

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Why not just post your trades here to show everyone, instead of talking about how great you trade?

Let me trade at least for three months then I’ll post for you to see. Then make sure to find an investor for me. I can begin from zero to trade at every trade how I do and post here public to everyone to see.


Wait from tomorrow or Monday I will open up a demo account and show you how am trading. For any months that you want so that to assess my capability then make sure you find an investor for me. Time is lways ticking even if it’s six or 12 months will pass. It isn’t long to reach 12 months

Dude, I’m not finding jack for you, especially if you order me to do it. I already posted an FTMO link for you. That’s the most I’ll do for you. If you can’t do something as simple as click on a link and follow through on your own, then there really isn’t much left for us except argue back and forth for my own entertainment.

Based on your above posts, I don’t even respect you enough to go back and forth any further.


michael jackson popcorn leaving

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If you are so sure of yourself,so confident,why dont you just trade your funds and grow them? Why do you need investor?
For me it doesnt make sense,you dont even know what you are talking about ,witch proves that you can not trade in profit .

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I will invest in you. If you can prove your abilities.

How can you prove them to me?

if you can come up with $49 to take the $5,000 evaluation offered by a company called “My Forex Funds” (see their website, and read all the details carefully), you can get a good, reliable funded account from them

it’s very much easier to pass than FTMO (mentioned above)

you can qualify for it in as little as 10 trading days

or you can take longer, if you prefer

if you can’t come up with the $49 then you need to find someone who will either lend it to you or buy the evaluation for you in your name

you also get the $49 fee refunded, if you pass, with your first profit-share

meanwhile, a couple of questions for you:-

  1. in which country do you live?

  2. have you ever actually traded a real, live (not demo/sim) account at all?


If you’re looking for an investor to work together in trading, here are a few steps you could take:

Develop a solid trading strategy: Before you approach potential investors, you need to have a well-defined trading strategy. This should include your investment goals, the types of securities you plan to trade, your risk management approach, and your expected returns. Your strategy should be backtested and proven to be successful.

Build a track record: Investors are more likely to invest with someone who has a proven track record of success. You can start by trading with your own capital or with a small amount of money from friends and family. Over time, as you generate positive returns, you can showcase your performance to potential investors.

Network with other traders: Attend trading conferences and events to meet other traders and investors. You can also join trading communities online, such as forums or social media groups. Networking with other traders can help you build relationships and find potential investors.

Create a pitch deck: A pitch deck is a document that outlines your trading strategy, track record, and investment opportunities. It should be visually appealing and easy to understand. Your pitch deck should also include information about your team, including any relevant experience and qualifications.

Approach potential investors: Once you have a solid trading strategy, a proven track record, and a pitch deck, you can start approaching potential investors. You can reach out to angel investors, venture capitalists, or other trading firms. When you approach investors, be sure to have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for, including the amount of capital you need and the terms of the investment.

Remember, finding an investor to work together in trading can be a challenging process, so be prepared to put in the time and effort necessary.

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Wait I’ll do here for you and others to see

Screen shots will not do. I need to see analytics from FXBlue ideall or MyFXbook.

Or send me your investor login details so I can analyse the data myself.

Okay. The investor password is the best choice for me

I made a couple of phone calls.

Donald Trump and Warren Buffett are watching you so don’t screw up.

Best wishes

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