How does the shark alert indicator works

The logic behind the indicator is very simple
It simply looks for unusual selling and buying and gives you a warning to be cautious or stay away of that pairs all together this wat you can concentrate your time and money on some more profitable and safe pairs

What does that look like? Is volume over some set time, or % increase/decrease over some time? Your indicator?

It simply looks for unusual selling and buying

That’s the same thing I wondered when I saw your previous posts on shark activity. How does the indicator quantify an “unusual sell or buy”?

Or even without the indicator, how would you determine it by eyeballing a chart?

the indicator follows the buying and selling of the pair and using proprietary calculations
it detects traces of the big fish and gives a warning

Maybe I’m being dim but I had always assumed three things about buying and selling of pairs - a lot of buying means a big price rise and a little buying means a little price rise. Also that big buying has to be by big players and little buying could be big players but could also be small players. Also that buying and selling in forex is anonymous.

you are not being dim all you said is exact

This is way too vague a definition to put any confidence in your previous posts or indicator. Either you don’t know how it works (and is a pseudo-science) or you don’t want to share it for commercial reasons.

I hope it’s not for commercial reasons because that’d imply that all your posts around sharks/signals and the like was an attempt to prey on unsuspecting forum newbies to buy into your signals & indicator.

If it’s a trade secret and is commercial then why are you advertising it here in BP? This is a place where details of that nature get discussed naturally. This isn’t a commercial site.

Go sell your indicator on the MT forums. This is not the place to peddle your wares.

as of now i am not selling anything
you can flag my posts to the admin
they will decide if i am attracting more visitors with my info and helping them or if i am selling thing

Naturally. There’s a section for proprietary content in #commercial-content.

Then what was the purpose of opening this thread in #trading-discussion if you’re not willing to discuss how it works or discuss this further?

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i am not selling any content body
nor willing to give you my trade secret
you are smart enough to discover something a help us with it as i do
have a nice day

Unlike you I willingly discuss my ideas and share what I know. There’s ample evidence of it if you looked for it.

I don’t open misleading threads and tell people I don’t want to talk about it.

Wish you a nice day too.

have a nice day
and do not forget to try my indicator info
it is free and for your trading safety

How the heck is it safe if I don’t know how it works? That’s so misleading.

Why should I trust in any indicator or EA if I don’t know what’s it’s doing? That’s basically gambling for me. And sadly that’s exactly what your doing here. Asking folks to blindly trust your stupid EA and signals, even when it eventually stops working (which it will like all EAs do).

You’re not helping or teaching anyone how to become a better trader. This is a place for people to explore ideas and learn how to trade is what I thought. Not this proprietary BS.

safe because it does not tell you what to do but what to avoid

So people are supposed to learn the fundamentals of trading on babypips so they can use your indicator? Why don’t you share the user manual for your indicator with the mods and ask them to replace the education content with it. Simple no?

You opened this thread to promote your “free” EA right?

Because there doesn’t seem to be any other reason for this thread.

My reason for wanting to know how it works would be to understand that it will actually work - because of its mechanism.

It would be the same if I was buying a plane ticket. I want to know the plane has wings, an engine and some wheels. If it has these things, I can recognise it is a plane and will consider getting on board. But right now, its just a name…

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knowing the mechanic under neat is important for an airplane
this indicator give warning of treacherous pairs
this increases the probability to trade safer pairs