How much money did you start trading with? when you first started trading

and how much are you trading with now?

If you want, how much was your first deposit? :59:

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My first deposit was $35, i have $40 then, but i decided to keep $5 (just in case) hehe, i have my first “stop-out” in 2 days and in 4 days my account was empty :47:

My first deposit was 200 euros, just over a month… I had nothing more :smiley:
So I started to study seriously and after 3 years, here I am, with my 4-digit account which still resists!
You can skip my first step if you want, and go directly to the second :wink:
Good luck pipletter :41:


That’s sounding promising! :slight_smile: I have been trading with a real account for about two weeks now. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I have so far made zero losses at the end of each day of trading. I only started with a little bit of £ to see how it would go, things seem to be looking quite nice. Which broker are you using? I’m using Oanda, they seem alright so far.

I started first with 1000 $ but I lost it in 2 months, I started again with 1000 and lost it again :slight_smile:
I started a new account with 10 000 $ I am still winning. Starting with such litle money dont worth it.

well, it sort of is as you don’t lose as much when you lose and you can see where you have lost, and not make the same mistake later with bigger amounts or curtain tail them. I spent about a month or two on the “play money” trading platform. I think my method is sound.

I started with 1k in July last year and I’m at high 5k. I made couple deposits when broker offer 5% deposit bonus.


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The value of the money you start with is not important… Your trades did not become more successful simply because you increased your starting balance from $1,000 to $10,000…

With correct money management, the initial starting balance i believe is irrelevant… As i saw it written best in another thread a while ago:

[B]You need to start with enough to feel it if you lose some money, but not enough that it’s going to make you broke…[/B]



When I do go live, I plan to start with $50. Risk only what you can afford to lose. :wink:

With that thinking you’re putting yourself in ‘demo mindset’ meaning if you can afford to lose that 50, chances are you’ll play that money like its a game of roulette.

I had a number that I could afford, saved till it was double that, then put it in. Really gets you to think about the psychology while your trades are on and because the sum is larger, chances are you’ll think twice before placing random trades or overleveraging a higher-risk trade.

Just my thinking :slight_smile:


I started with an initial deposit of $11,500.00

I lost or completely blew up 3 trading accounts for about $15,000 total between 2005-2009.

In early/mid 2009, i deposited $100 with a forex broker. I lost that too…and deposited another $100 later.

I spent 15K+ for really no good reason…and then finally learned how to trade with less than a couple hundered bucks.

I never lost it all again. Now i do this full time, and make a s**tload of money every month.

Ok, well, not quite that much! but, I do it full time! and I think that counts for something :slight_smile:



Hi guys
I had started trading in 2004-2005. I had blown up three good accounts till 2009.
I thought its all fake and there are a number of articles stating how each individual loose money in forex.
I had given up completely ; but you know a trader by heart never gives up till he or she is dead.:slight_smile:
Read articles and went to school, college at baby pips.
And here i am back.
Money management is the most important thing. Give room for the trade to move and you always land in profit.
There are lows in all systems sustaining the lows or losses is the key.
At first profits don’t look attractive but as the balance increases the profit factor increases and looks attractive.
Start slow and taking it easy is the key.


Mom gave me a $5000USD loan to trade equities. Ran that up to $36 000USD. Gave $10 000USD to my mom. And started trading Forex with the remainder. Haven’t blown an account. :slight_smile:


i started with 100 USD. never blew an account. Haven t made much either still on my journey but i have been profitable and have bumped my account up a lot since then.


That is true as well for people like that. I’m very careful.

I started with $1000, then restarted again with $1000 and early this year i started again with $1000.

Ill give 5 Jezzode Points to the first person to figure out how much my total investment has been

$3000! Can I redeem it for some FX tips? :stuck_out_tongue:

I started with 500-USD I lost over 200… Than I start with baby pip an I’m back up to -60 of what I started out with… :smiley:

Jay ??? :frowning: ???

I started with $300. Lost $200 in about three weeks haha. I walked away for a little while then really began learning. I found a trading strategy that I like and works for my personality. Since that time I am up to $500.