How old need you be to start trading?

Hi, I am 14 and am wanting to start trading. I get twenty dollars a week from my job (I only work one day)and am wanting to do something with my money. I am wondering how old do I have to be to start trading. Can I trading at my age? Will there be issues that I could have in trading?

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I’ve never really thought about an age requirement, it might depend on your country of residence. 18 is probably a good ball park estimate, if you can’t legally get a loan you won’t be able to trade with leverage, which means no trading on £20. But let me put it this way, they don’t ask for your age when you download a demo platform, there’s no excuse not to get practising :smiley:

Since you’re a minor (by just about any definition I can think of) you would need an adult open an account for you, then let you trade it. Aside from that, there’s no reason you couldn’t get started trading.

I see…I’ll check it out, and thanks!

you can trade at any age. but to start a live account you need to be major. or open one in your´s mom name

I crossed 18 last year and think its right time to start trading.I don’t have experience in trading before so need experts to teach some basics of trading. I would be thankful to you.

In some countries you need to be 21. Go have fun on a demo account for 4-7 years and come back as the strongest trader ever :slight_smile:

The only thing that matters when it comes for trading forex is your brain activeness. If you have a good brain to solve mathematics and if you are good with numbers, then you can trade forex irrespective of your age

A minimum age of 18 looks ideal, and it mayn’t be legal to trade when you’re below that age. There’s, however, no maximum age limit.

From my brokers age requirement , you should be 18 and above before you could live trade or open an account with them and I believe most brokers too require such age limit

As far as I know, brokers won’t enter in a contract with people who haven’t become of age, which in most places is 18 years at least. Until that time you can simply trade on a demo account. That is not necessary a bad thing - you’ll start learning very early, you’ll have to time to save up money to invest, etc. Be patient.

He doesn’t still need to be patient, actually: the question you’re answering was asked [B]over 5 years ago[/B], so he’s old enough to trade, now. :wink:

Yes I think at least already 18 old to start trading, because usually to get verified account also as trader they need sent document like as country id or passport etc, and as kids below 18 old might still not having these document

The great thing with trading FX, or any asset class for that matter, is that you really dont need to be a smart individual in terms of educational background. It really is open to anyone who enjoys problem solving and has a basic understanding in maths. Lets face it, there really is no need to know complex formulas or algebra, you don’t need to know the meaning of advanced statistics. You just need to have an open mind and the ability to enjoy problem solving, as long as you can clearly understand how to quantify all your trading activities then you certainly tick the vast majority of the required criteria.

The problem is that the big commercial funds really only take on top dog graduates from the worlds most prestigious university’s - they can of course do this because the demand for such a job (mainly because of the huge average salary and benefits) greatly out weighs the supply of positions on offer. As a result this has created a stigma attached to trading and/or financial speculating which suggests you really have to be one of the most educated people going.

I agree in that most likely you would need to be 18 years old, but that doesn’t mean you cant put the ground work in your age now. If you study hard and can build knowledge and a track record through demo or paper trading, then by the team your 18th birthday comes around you will be far ahead of most people starting out!

Yes a person should be more than 18 years , he should be mature by mind to do right trading decisions. Younger traders can put them in difficulty by doing emotional trading. After 18 years he is sensible and responsible trader he can learn well all about forex market .

Hahaha, I didn’t even notice when the post was made. I don’t have the habit of looking at the dates much, I admit. I guess now he’s definitely old enough.

I’ve never really thought about an age requirement, it might depend on your country of residence. 18 is probably a good ball park estimate, if you can’t legally get a loan you won’t be able to trade with leverage, which means no trading on £20.

I think 14 is too young for trading, some brokers I know require their clients must be at least 18 years old to use their services

I am pretty sure that any business that requires you to sign a legally binding contract also requires the person signing it to be a legal adult.