How old need you be to start trading?

Since you’re a minor (by just about any definition I can think of) you would need an adult open an account for you, then let you trade it. Aside from that, there’s no reason you couldn’t get started trading.

He’s not. He posted [B][B]5 YEARS AGO[/B][/B] and he was 14 then.

I think you need to be old enough to be able to understand the Forex trading. You need to be able to understand how to work online.

Maybe learn forex not limited by age, as long as any kids want to learn forex they can learn with reading and use demo account, but of source to start in real account usually required certain document requirement to verify account and this need country ID and adress proof usually which not all age will can fulfiled

Most kids these days learn pretty early how to use the Internet as well as Internet-based services. Also it’s probably a good idea to teach them money management. All that said, I don’t think they should be allowed to actually trade with real money before they reach adulthood.

Its nothing to do with what you can or can’t do or understand.
If youre not lawfully allowed to trade under a certain age, then that’s it! Any broker who accepts a minor regardless of legal obligations is not a broker you should be dealing with.

I think as parents also need guide them as kids in this business, if they having interested to learn hence will good later if already on adult people, and demo account is good place with free of risk for they can practice in real amrket condition using virtual money

s long as you are already at the legal age. and have some own money to use to start such of business.

In my opinion, you should wait until 18 years, during this period you should get the maximum practice and should start this business with strong investment i.e. 400$ in order to get the fruitful result, so be patient and get the practice.

You need to be 18 years old.

That’s the law in most countries, yes, unless you’re in a country where you become a legal adult at 21 rather than 18.

There is no Age Limit while trading with Forex. I think that if you can understand the aspects of Forex Trading, then you could trade with it and also you need some capital for it.

There is no age limit to start any work but Forex trader must be matured enough to handle the trading situation so that he can handle loss and profit both.

Officially yes, but you use anyone’s identity from your family and can trade even if you are not 18 yet.

There are age restrictions on almost all types of work.
There are ways around this as far as forex is concerned, I’ve detailed this in full here 301 Moved Permanently

Usually to get verified account as trader need sent requirement document, like as country id, electricity bill etc, and not all age will having country id because still under adult people, and might at least 18 old any trader already have country id

There are ways around this, see the link in post #37

You are never to young to learn trading or something else. To be good at something you have to practice To be an expert you have to practice more. The younger you start the bigger your advantage is compared to others. Young brains are also more flexible.

We have an example in Holland. He didn’t had a driver license but he is driving a formula1 race machine and got is first podium.
He started racing at a very young age.

Start a practice account and save some of your money to open a live account when you are successful. Don’t wait until you have your “drivers-license” for trading. Like eddieb says There are ways around it.

Max Verstappen all the way! He did have a small advantage though, his father paved the way for him.

You are right about his father. A good mentor in trading is also a big advantage!