How old need you be to start trading?

a big advantage is to start young, dont force it into them they should be passionate about it, and there are kids out there 18 and up that are already trading. its not bond to age really…

Ow! You are too young, congratulation man! By the way, definitely you can do Forex trading at right now if you are confident enough according to your trading performance!! I hope you have driving license or passport, it’s might be essential for verifying your trading account! Best of luck for your real journey!

If you have knowledge about forex then you can do this business and can earn, you should get the practice on demo account and then should invest, you should start the real trading will full confidence, you can earn, so don’t feel fear.

I think five years old is good age to start trading

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I don’t think that five years would be a good age to start, as in this small age the person cannot get familiar with the computers, how he or she will understand the trading.

I think that before one starts trading they should be at the very least old enough to understand the value of money.

Usually if we want to joined in broker and to get verified account we need sent document requirement as Id proof and address proof, and usually people under 18 old still not yet having country Id, although if they have intention can tricky with using name their parent

In those cases there should always be parental supervision while the underaged individual is trading. I don’t think that parents should leave them to do so entirely by themselves.

lol like parents know any better how to trade. Most wouldn’t even allow it cause trading in their eyes is gambling.

Not necessarily altogether the sentiment one would instinctively expect from one’s mother, Mom? :wink:


Good one.

I agree with you on this, 14 is too young to start trading even if you can do it you still need to be supervised.

the majority of FX brokers allow a real trade account opening once a client is minimum 18 years old.

Its Groundhog Day!

[B]The world is over-supervised.[/B]

I’ve heard it said, [I]“If trading were easy, little girls would be trading.”[/I]

Well, trading [I]is[/I] easy.

Let the little girls trade!


age is no limit

When you feel confident that you have get the enough knowledge and have complete the demo trading period, forex gives benefit only when you are confident and have the ability of decision making. After having these features you should start the forex.

I read that one has to be an adult to trade.
How much years has a trader be?
18 or 21? In many countries are different laws. Or does in depend on broker, but not on the country? Forex is an international market, that’s the problem.

You age is absolutely perfect for this business but the only issue is that your knowledge should be perfect and you will have to do demo trading at least 2-3 months then you will be able to earn from this business efficiently.