How to effectively learn forex

Hello everybody. I am new to trading and I just started the babypips course. I would like to know how do I effectively learn everything from the babypips course without forgetting the stuff you have learned?


You pick some interesting approaches like support and resistance and start to experiment. You don’t need to remember everything just some basic stuff how markets function, how to place orders and manage them and grasp some key ideas which you can build upon your trading systems, like S/R mentioned. Profitable ideas are unlikely to appear in some books or blog posts you should find something unique based on basic ideas.


OK thanks a lot

You effectively learn through practice and persistence


Sorry for being so negative but here is a reality check for you.
Only a small percentage of retail forex traders succeed.
That being said what makes people think that doing a free class on a free website like here can make someone a successful forex trader?
Reality is the chances are stacked against you.
My personal opinion is if you desperately want to learn and be successful then find a course run by a professional who has institutional experience and has successfully traded professionally for a large financial institution.

Thanks a lot

Thanks, so does that mean that the course on this website won’t take me anywhere and I should rather get a course from a professional?

Obviously that’s my personal opinion.

Also remember, since only a small percentage succeed there will only be a small portion telling you the truth too.

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Ok, thanks so much for this

What has been your approach in the past?

What did you do during high school so you didn’t forget everything?

Best of luck, as it will take several years to effectively learn Forex. As far as I am aware, the most consistent and long term trading successes are by learning how to be a knowledgeable trend trader.

One day, I’ll write a book on that.


Welcome to the world of trading. It’s great that you’ve started the BabyPips course. To effectively learn and retain the information, try combining regular study with practical application.

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I used to just whisper notes i wrote to myself till I completely understood what I read about

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Thanks and best of luck to the book you’re gonna write one day

OK I’ll do that, thanks

OK. It sounds like you have a system already, right? Good job!

Hellooo! :blush: If I can just add to what the others here have already mentioned, putting the knowledge into practice can help you retain it, cause it becomes part of your routine (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:). But also, if you forget something or want to clarify a concept, there’s really no harm in revisiting it. :blush: The school here is free anyway. :smiley: HAHA.


Practice makes perfect. That’s all there is to this game. You can read, watch videos as much as you can, but if you do not put it to practice, you will simply be a living library. Not a trader.

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In addition to practice and persistence, you also need to study. There are many strategies and techniques out there so you need to be able to find what works for you by learning especially from people who have done it before.

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First of all, take away the thought of forgetting what you’ve learnt, just learn, don’t worry about what you’ve forgotten.

Start from the beginning of the course to the very end, and do that without being in a hurry to complete the course.

When you’re done, you have the liberty to revisit any topic whenever you’re practicing.

And definitely, with consistency in your practice, you’ll have the knowledge stuck with you.

And for the record, you don’t need no institutional trader to teach you before you become a successful trader, what you learn here is more than enough for you, use it and run as far as it can take you and of course, learn from other sources as well.

In the end, it’s your mind that determines if you’ll become a successful trader or not.