How to find profitable EA ideas?

Dear all,

I have just finished some EA programming tutorial and would like to know where to go from here? How do you get ideas for your first EAs? If you see that EA doesn’t work do you try to optimize it or you try with another strategy?

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ummm… ok (not sure what to say)

Mate, i’m in I.T. ok

if a technician told me , he just did a computer science course at TAFE and now is not sure what to do .

i would honestly tell him he shouldn’t be a technician
i would question , what the hell was he taught in the course

What do you mean… where do you go from here
Start Writing EA’s

if you just learned to program Java
your next step is to start writing Java Programs for certain applications and uses… OBVIOUSLY.

so… Start Writing EA’s and Experts

as for this…

I’m not even going to answer this, because i feel that you feel the answer may be offensive.
i’m speechless. to say the least

this is like asking a mechanic that just graduated from TAFE (College) where do i get the first ideas for what part of the car to fix hehe

we cant’ spoon feed you

I’m in I.T.
if an engineer asked me a question like this.
i’d fire him

mate, if you just did a course
start writing EA’s
Start Making Money

i should not have to tell you this.

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thank you bob, i appreciate it

i did a quick search

a long time ago , i knew of sites called E-lance and O-desk
apparently they are now called UPWORK

go to upwork and get paid for work
you will generally find people who haven’t got a clue about I.t. and need help with stupid things like
attaching social network buttons to websites

you may even find that people want a simple ea or trade manager


a lot of newbies complain about risk managment
why don’t you codify an EA or trade manager to asses risk

you could do it like this

FIELD 1 = User Input (User Inputs their risk per trade)
FIELD 2 = User Input (user inputs account balance)
FIELD 3 = User Input (user inputs account leverage)
FIELD 4 = User Input (user inputs the instrument they are using)
FIELD 5 = User Input (user inputs the position of the take profit in pips)
FIELD 6 = User Input (user inputs the position of the stop loss in pips)

you now return the calculation that tells them how much $$ they are risking
what their nominal required margin is
and what lot size they should use


make it nice and pretty with some cool black and green or pink colors and sell it
it’s basically a glorified spreadsheet that will run in MT-4 and make you money because people are too silly to google HOW TO USE A SPREADSHEET .


honestly…i could seriously come up with 100 ideas RIGHT NOW. without batting an eyelid

how can you not come up with 1

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Anytime @anon81929759.

I know we got off to a shaky start but have much respect. Do still prefer it when you are straight to the point, but thats just me. I have an attention span of a fish.

Have a great weekend bro.

I’ll also follow up like Martin with an idea. Head over to the donchain channel trading thread. I have posted a number of bots there. Grab one and make it better.

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thank you mate
i would prefer we were cool and on talking terms… ok

i’m working on the “straight to the point thing” ok
everyone has a thing.
my thing is i find it hard to give people a correct answer , but quickly
i’m working on it.

on another topic, since we are talking and i hope i can say this,without pissing you off. ok

those flags
i just did that because i didn’t want to argue… ok
it wasn’t personal

now mate
if we can move forward in a cool fashion and on talking terms (and i know my comment will get flagged for this, but i’m going to say it anyway)

that would be fucking awesome
so… is that cool
i can forgive and forget all the shakyness

but, are you cool with it ?
and i’ll try to keep my comments as short as possible… ok mate

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hey mate
speak of the devil…

here is a project for you
a person just asked this


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I’m cool with that bro

Likewise I’m working on something similar - not being such a dick. I promised a member whom I respect greatly to do so. Probably the best way to do that is to shake hands with you. But with 5000 k’s between us unfortunately I can’t buy you a drink. So cheers to us anyway.

thank you
short and sweet

i don’t drink mate,
but, i’d fucking buy you a beer for doing this.
this is what i wanted from the start.

thank you
be cool
lets move forward and forget about the bullshit.
Cheers mate

Now… hehe we just wait for the mods to flag the post for profanity because American’s don’t understand how Aussie’s talk :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, there you go, it’s been 20+ years since my last drink also, looks like we’ll be sipping hot milo’s at the bar lol

hehe… Hot Milo’s
bloody oath mate

hey, have you been to hungry jacks laterly
mate,… that Kit Kat Choc thickshake thingy… tha’t’s bloody nice… huh

as for drinks, i like , Coffee. OJ, Lemon Squash lime and bitters if i’m in the mood
or Bundy Ginger Beer or if it’s been a hard day at work, a bloody cold Mineral water hits the spot
at times SOLO is always good as well as Mountain dew
but in my line of work, ti’s more Mineral water, coffee or OJ

gotta stay hydrated :stuck_out_tongue: WHS and all that hehe

for what it’s worth mate
here you go
a VB

it can come on anytime
You can get it trading,
you can get it debating
you can get it reading a newbies comment on babypips
you can feel it coming on around 4

a Haaaarrdd earned thirst needs a big cold Milo
and the best cold Milo is VIC

or are you are KB kind of bloke when trading going for 100 pips
good old days huh

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My boy is autistic, it’s part of our Sunday ritual - haven’t tried the kit kat choc yet but will put it on the bucket list. Coffee and sunkist all the way!

sorry to hear that mate,
my wife is in childcare, she’s taken care of kids with many illnesses,
Autism being one of them. i understand

Some look at it as a disability I look at it like a gift, he amazes my wife and I every day and is an inspiration. He gets into my cd collection and goes hard, this is the flavor of the month

ohh man… i remember this
Jump Jump Jump Jump hehe

as for Autism , it’s been my wifes experience, you get them reacting differently .
if this is your experience , that’s good
sometimes it can be quite sad.

at the end of the day, if he can lead a normal life, that’s all that matters mate

dude, it’s been nice chatting
i gotta go to bed now ok
almost midngiht

be cool mate

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First of all…thank you for answering, but you don’t have to be rude. I think that you didn’t understand my question or I asked the wrong question. :slight_smile:

While learning, I have developed 10-20 different EAs (simple ones) based on moving averages, MACD, stochastic etc. But these EAs simply don’t work.

I’m not sure are the technical indicators the right path to follow when trying to find the profitable EA. They are repainting, giving false signals, giving signals too late etc.
Should I continue using technical indicators to build my EAs or I should focus on pure price (I mean candles)?
Is it possible that my simple EAs are already good but I need to optimize them or apply more advanced money management algorithms?

Please, don’t be rude. I just asked for advice and that’s it. If you don’t want to give me your advice, just leave this topic and that’s it. You don’t need to insult someone.

Hi _bob,

I see come interesting stuff there :slight_smile:

I will check it later in detail.

Thanks a lot!!!