How to get started with NFTs?

I have a friend who’s an artist who wants to get started with NFTs. How does she go about it? Are there any websites she could look into?

If she is an artist and has a design portfolio I think it would be better If she tries to get approved as
a seller/creator on a site like
The biggest nft platform out there is opensea but unless she has a big social following she won’t get discovered there and I am telling this from experience.
But as I said if she is a talented artist platforms makersplace is the best way to go because they only approve artists that have high-quality creations and if she gets approved she will get huge exposure.

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There are some decent videos on YouTube about to create and upload NFT collections

yes i love ELIOTRADE from all, his content is different and informative

Also pretty expensive. How does makersplace compare? In terms of fees etc?

Do you think NFT will be able to strengthen in the same way as cryptocurrency, or will the NFT currency simply disappear in the near future? Sorry for the unexpected question, it’s just very interesting to find out.

Here’s my take. They’re not going anywhere.

Coindesk has good how-tos. But this is one of 100s out there.