I can not trade again

dear friends,
I was disappointed that I made a mistake because I had applied the strategy in a demo and it had worked, but my most recent trade closed with a tiny loss when I was expecting it closing in profit. I don’t know why, but I can’t start a new trade.
Give me a motivational opening line.

That happens to all of us!
Keep calm. You have to blow a lot of accounts to become a pro (honestly I learned this sentence from this forum and it is a really good one!)

Just imagine your future, you are making money from Forex, isn’t that enough?!!

and I think that shows the fact that you are good at risk management, overall you are on the right way, just do not give up!

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Hello Chen!
First of all, let me clarify your tiny loss! You are going to have huge losses too!
Then let me add the fact that you can not treat the same in your demo accounts and real accounts! Consider trading fake money and your own / hard-earned money and you will get the reason!
So that’s great to practice and make your strategy on the demo accounts but at the same time, be careful about the difference between your emotions!
Finally, do you need a motivational line?
You can make money here, that’s all you need son!
Best Luck/

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Making a small loss only makes us stronger!

Remember losing is apart of trading just as much as winning. I’ve also been back testing some strategies and they sometimes work and then they sometimes lose.

You just need to do a ton of back testing until you get a strategy that wins more than loses!

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as a @Pauley1 said, losses are part of trading, leave emotions behind and trade :slight_smile:


hello my friend
are you serious? because of tiny loss you will give up?
how do you want handle your wife and children and your bill and your car accident?
this is smallest lose in your life
grow up man

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I’ve never been one of those people who gets disappointed so easily, but lately, I think it’s because of some dramas. I need someone to talk to and inspire me.

I truly believe that money is honey.and I picture myself engaged in trading in the future.

Maybe that is exactly why.I recently broke up and it is hard to move on. all i think about is her.

everybody tells me to move on and leave emotions behind, but no one say how? :sleepy:

I was wondering that these days i am just losing. my trades my girl and everything that means to me.I should do something to me.

all losses to me these days comes from lack of concentration. I know.
exactly you are right i believe in every word you said. i guess the demos are designed to convince you to trade on real.

Anyone has to find the own path, how to leave emotions behind because everyone is different. I trade via EA’s it is comfortable for me but not necessary comfortable for you. How to achieve this goal? I will give you my method. Ask yourself what kind of trading method leave emotions when trading is your full time job, main income source, you have to pay bills, go on vacation, buy new stuff and so on and in the same time you will execute your plan point by point.

How long did you measure the result of the strategy? You have to observe a strategy for a long time to reach a decision whether it works or not. However, tiny loss doesn’t matter, think something bigger.

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You make an important point about the importance of measuring the results of a strategy over an extended period of time. It’s true that observing a strategy over a longer timeframe provides a more comprehensive understanding of its effectiveness.

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Dude go back to demo and stay there forever …

Do you know any business where you only Make money without spending some money?

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So your analysis was wrong. Did you have a stop loss? I think you need to understand that losing is part of trading.

I guess yes I set sl and tp. but to make sure I need to check that. I just get disappointed soon.

thank you Averied it was huge. :sweat_smile:

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