I have found the Fx Holy Grail..NO HYPE

Hello folks,this is my second thread since I joined babypips earlier this year.As a newbie in forex(I demoed for 1 month only) and decided to go live with $1000.Well, as you would expect the whole money was lost in about a week or so.

But before I continue let me say that forex is a battlefield of which the enemy is you and not the market.You have to defeat like 20000 persons in you before you can succeed in forex.
Ok, got that.
So after loosing my hard earned money,I went to work…and demo traded since April 1st 2010,up to this moment.Please note that I didn’t just demo trade, I was watching the market(Charts) 18 hrs a day even during weekends…and guess what, The Holy grail system was born.

Sincerely, I lost money because I was using these super lagging indicators…em …what do you call them MACD<RSI>bollinger, MA,etc and also that garbage they call candle sticks.If you are still using these indicators you’ll never going to succeed in fx.FYI, I use BAR CHARTS and my chart is naked.(.no indicator of any sort).Let me Let the cat out of the bag…
Now listen very carefully. I took forex very seriously that was why it made me serious money.If you wait for indicators to show you when to place a trade…I am sorry…you would always be a looser because you are not serious.
The first secret is this , remove all the indicators on your chart now, including candleticks(use it to light your house instead)…and start from now to watch your charts regularly(18 or even 24hrs a day) and within a month, you would tell me what you have observed

My method is purely based on Price Action.The only Indicator that the forex Market obeys is what…Guess,guess?The simplest of them all…



These two is what I use only for forex trading …nothing else…It would interest you to know that I open 8 different currency pairs on my chart and trade from monday to friday…To show you how magnificient my strategy is.I open 0.1 lot on all 4-7 currencies I have selected…and guess what…I profit in all of them…sometimes I profit $400-$500 in just one trade and my stoploss is just 15 pips so I am risking $105 if I decide to trade 7 currency pairs …ain’t that great.

Keep track on my threads…I would be posting my method in one or two weeks from now.

Remember…before you use my system you have to see like I see…if not it would be a total flaw…

So what I want you to do now is remove those rubbish indicators and leave the charts bare…open a 1 hr bar chart…study them day and night for 1 month or longer so that you can start seeing what I am seeing…

Happy pips

Agu Nnamdi


Do you realize that bar charts show the EXACT same information as candles don’t you? …Open/close and range…just a slightly different visual.

Great if this is working for you. But, really if you want to share a method, just share it. Don’t spout this stuff about having to stare at charts for 24 hrs a day before you’ll actually share anything.

Also, how long you’ve been trading this way and a win/loss ratio would be nice.

Right now it sounds like:

A. You’ve had a string of luck and think you are the man, and will probably wreck your account next month. (most likely because when someone thinks they’ve found the holy grail its usually because they are using the right type of trading for the type of market movment, and when it changes it simple wont work) or…

B. You’re just another scammer trying to sell something and your next message will be a link to a site or to tell people to private message you so you can scam them in private.

P.S. I use plenty of indicators and easily make more than you in a day. Trendlines and fibs and priceaction are great, but they are not a holy grail. All they show is strong S&R. Of course I’m not strictly trading off of indicators like you did at first, they are just a filter for confirmation.

What a revelation :rolleyes:

I don’t mean to appear facetious, I am! I’m sorry, but don’t get too excited, there will be many of us here that have seen this kind of thing before, so if you don’t mind we’ll stay sceptical until we see some track record, 1 month doesn’t buy that much in forex.

Ok guys…but you’ll believe me when I say that trading by instinct is far much better than using indicators…Although I am new to trading,like every other fx trader, I’ve tried a handful of forex systems,but forex do not need any system.Market is dynamic and has a mind of its own, it will defy any system…only when you sit down and study its mind,you’ll know its nature.Some people prefer to use Candle sticks but have you tried to use bar charts, I believe you’ll get a clearer picture.My trading improved tremendously since I started using bar charts.

People do not know that there is no shortcut to success, that you’ll deprive yourself of many things before you succeed in any way. Think of this, if you drive 16 hrs a day for 2 months, you could be more experienced than someone who drives once a month for 2 years…or some who drives 3hrs in a day.

Please, please, please I am no scamer and I do not need anybody’s money,I am an honest person who wants every traders success.What I need is for you guys to appreciate my efforts and I will show you more.

Some of you know that the secret to trading lies in the charts but they don’t want anybody else to know.If every wins in fx,then there’ll be no market…that is why people guard their winning strategy jealously.

To be frank,there are losses but 15 pips is nothing compared to 100’s of profit.There is no strategy that has given me over $400 trading 0.1 lots and stop loss of 75 pips for 5 different currency pairs at a time and happens like that all the time. either i loose 15 pips or gain 60 pips…that’s how it works.I might loose 15 pips 2wice/3rice but make it double in one single trade.Just check out the risk reward ratio.

Once again, b4 I go…pls go to your 1 hr/daily bar charts and study them for hrs, days , months…draw trendlines where necessary and you’ll see…yes you’ll, I promise.

Just do me a favor ’ come back and thank me’.

Because of the way people responded to my last post, I am downhearted and as a deeply emotional being, I may decline to post further topics on this issue.

I have given you a clue to how i made it ,the ball is now in your court…

Happy trading.

Thank You. Wow I didn’t even realize you could use trend lines with bar charts. I was using support and resistance too but I got rid of that, nope don’t need it. Now I use fibs and trendlines on my bar charts.

Soon I will a success like you and to think I was wasting my time with candles and s/r sheesh!!!

Well ok, it seems you just may be excited about something that is working for you. So, I apologize if I hurt your feelings in any way. I also honestly wish much continued luck.

BUT, if you want to start a thread that advertises a holy grail and then go on to tell people what they should and shouldn’t have on their charts, well, you need to show the full monty.

Otherwise it just sounds like you are trying to lead people on, upsell them and scam them somewhere down the line.

Really just saying put up a bar chart and saying study it for a few months is really a waste of a post. There is nothing for anyone to chew on and try and apply.

Trust me a trader can lose just as many trades and do just as horribly just studying bar charts and using fibs and trendlines as they can any other indicator set or method. Believe it or not a lot of traders dont have clue how to put up a fib or even trade one.

If you want to help some people flesh out your thread and put forth a more complete explanation of your method:

  1. what should be on the chart (you’ve said already, but only this)
  2. entrance critera
  3. exit critera.
  4. SL
  5. TP
  6. Money managment.
  7. Any pearls of wisdom that go good with the method.

A lot of trader here do this. Just post the above and some of your trade/charts with examples.

Basically what you just said in your first post was, “trendlines, priceaction and fibs work great for me…now go figure out how I did it on your own.”

And this sort of remark/attitude just pisses me and I’m sure other people off to no end, “I have given you a clue to how i made it ,the ball is now in your court”

I don’t want clues. If you are going to describe a method then describe it in full. Learning how to trade isn’t detective work.

Like a said either show the full monty or don’t bother. I hate when some would be guru comes on a forum, says he wants to teach people and then tries to act all cute thinking he’s being like yoda when he gives as little info as possible and people in the post are left trying to guess all the important parts of the supposed trading method.


Also, if you are a sensitive and emotional person, than check your emotions. The market is driven on market psychology. It has already shown to damage your bankroll. It as well can destroy a man’s ego without remorse.

Furthermore, you must recant your candlestick comment. Commentary driven on the path of ignorance leads to dead ends.

Hey, candle stick …I am so sorry. I would never insult you again…you are as great as bar chart your identical twins.I am sure most traders would find you helpful, keep up the good work.
Please accept my apology.

Now I have come to my senses ,no body is perfect, no system is, I now realize I made a mess of my first post - cursing candle sticks and indicators,and trying to teach people who are supposed to be my masters.
Nothing is new under the sun…I would always pay respect to whom respect is due.

Well, I feel I should teach my fellow newbies how to read charts…you know…divert their attention a little bit from indicators/candle sticks and may be they can learn by letting the charts show them the way.They can decide where to place their own stop losses and take profits.And later on use their favorite indicators to filter out bad trades.

We are all in this together, and we should be looking out for each other.The title in the first post was meant to attract readers especially newbies expecting to see a magic system but they got a task which seems to them like a waste of time…

This post is not meant for experienced traders who are like my masters in the game.Please I am sorry for claiming that I have the Holy Grail,there is none.Just like every one else is showcasing their favored indicators .I am also trying to show you just another good indicator.I vex when they say 98% of traders fail…May be those people should recant their words too.But I guess I took it too far by insulting cursing candle sticks and trampling on my Masters’ intelligence.
I wish I knew how to remove that first post…em…let me try…

Mirrow, I don’t think any of us use candlesticks as indicators.

The candle patterns they represent are usually prone to failure.

BUT, as the Phoenix said, candlesticks, and bar charts are only different in appearance.

They contain the exact same information. Open, close, high and low for any given period.

No one person here is anyone’s master, so don’t be feeling that way.

When you open yourself up by claiming to have found the Knights of Templar’s holiest relic, you do have to expect some naysayers.

Instead of deleting your thread, why don’t you be more forthcoming with what you think you have found?
That way the thread accomplishes what you want, and maybe others can help you too.

Studying charts is something I love to do. I would love to see a new angle, should there be one:)


wonder when someone starts a new thread why ThePhonix thinks that is new scammer trying to sell something ??? :rolleyes:

to mirrowsea:

my first teacher made me stare at the charts with the ruler, he told me If I can measure candles for past few years I will trade.

Your post remind me of his style of teaching. Its helpless.
Most of newbies already have stared at the charts … and can see no clue …

To make 400 pips with only 15Pips SL without years and years of practice, without any books stading and without internet researching its something from fantastic science.

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[B]Oh Please!![/B]

How stupid do you think we all are?

There is no such thing as a holy grail.
Its all about discipline and money management.

Enough of this utter rubbish. :mad: :mad:

I suggest you go and lose your “hard earned money” on another forum!! :frowning:

Thank you tymen…discipline and money management is really the key to success in fx.

[B][U]NO HOLY GRAIL[/U][/B]…No,no,no, no, no, holy grail in fx.

The topic was meant to attract people…When I said I lost money I was not referring to you or to any body.You understood it differently.

It is just your mind that is playing tricks on you.

We are not talking about loosing money,here.Some people out there are looking for solution to their trading difficulty.I am just contributing my own quota.

Please if you know how to tweak/enhance my technique , I would appreciate it.

People with a lot of experience like you should already be contented with whatever system they are using.

So the thread is not meant for you.

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Good - you agree.
So why are you saying silly things? :frowning:

The topic was meant to attract people…When I said I lost money I was not referring to you or to any body.You understood it differently.

It is just your mind that is playing tricks on you.

My mind does not play tricks on me.

We experienced traders take a dim view of people coming on this forum with all the appearances of scamming and deceit.
I am very wary of trolls and people who make false claims such as you do on this forum.

Please if you know how to tweak/enhance my technique , I would appreciate it.

Yes I do.
I would suggest that you post on another forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

People with a lot of experience like you should already be contented with whatever system they are using.

Thus you are effectively admitting that your method is inferior.

So the thread is not meant for you.

This forum is not meant for you!!
I smell a previous banned poster here!! :mad:


He said he made that the header to get attention. While I think it is bad form to mislead to get attention, the content of this thread has hardly been offensive.

I think you are being too hard on him based on what little content is here.

Hey Mirrow,

I think that you just started this thread wrong. If you wanted to teach your method and technique you should think it through then execute it.

Reading your posts is like a big cluster of words and confusion. You’re having success, fine, now if you want to share your way of trading then go ahead. Make it as clear and concise as possible. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

If you are going to make a thread here about your method then be prepared for a lot of questions and doubts and don’t advertise it as a Holy Grail, even if it is just an attention grabber.

Hi Mirrowsea,

I’m glad you found [B]your[/B] holy grail. :slight_smile: I think most of us are smart enough to know that your holy grail might not be everyone’s holy grail without resorting to hostilities.

In fact there are plenty of holy grails found in this forum… just not too many use the words “holy grail”, (or some other keywords) in their thread titles as it really brings out the worst in some people. I mean even Babypips states “tongue-in-cheek” to post your holy grail, but alas not everyone here shares that sense of humor when someone actually puts it in their title. :confused:

Also some get a little sore when their favourite indicator gets blacklisted by another holy grail system ;).

That said, I do however get a little put off with threads that start out a few weeks before the reveal…because 1) Tymen did that and then it was all just a prank anyways (which I didn’t find very amusing), and 2) the thread gets so polluted with the moral debate on what words should or shouldn’t be used to describe the thread, that it just gets trashed beyond hope.

Anyways, hoping you’ll just get on with it, or delete the thread until you are ready to reveal the whole system up front.


post 11 the technique he uses. At least the overall concept.

I agree though. I do not like drawing out a technique forever. if you have one, lay it out and then we can discuss.

There seems to be a lot of Grailing at the moment, I put it down to the Solstice and the Full moon combination, could get worse before it gets better.

Don’t worry all will be back to normal when we get to the Waning Gibbous.

Is that a pub? :smiley:

I have a feeling that you know, but for the benefit of others it is the term for when the moon goes from a full moon to a new moon, currently we are at Waxing Gibbous with 3 days to new Moon, gee wizz I surprise myself at the useless geeky knowledge I posses at times!