I have found the Fx Holy Grail..NO HYPE

If it is a pub, I shall buy the first round. :smiley:

Am I lazy or dumb? Can’t figure out what makes traders want to do more work than necessary. Lines at prices ending in 00 get crossed practically every day. You don’t have to plot trend lines or look at different time frames.

Go long at the 00 when price moves UP to 00. As in 98, 99, 00.

Go short at the 00 when price moves DOWN to 00. As in 02, 01, 00.

10 pip stop loss.

If price moves in your favor and stops moving, decide to take profit or take your chances.

Please do not consider my post off topic. The thread starter, mirrowsea, is talking about taking a trade when a line is crossed and so am I. What I do may not be considered elegant, elaborate or scholarly. On the other hand, it is profitable, at least for me.

why is a diagonal line more work than a horizontal one?

De ja vuos?:smiley:

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You have to draw a diagonal line on the chart. You have to keep drawing them. That is work, IMHO. Furthermore, the diagonal lines may or may not be the same depending on time frame.

The horizontal can be placed by an indicator. No work involved. Horizontal lines are the same on all time frames.

Deja Vu all over again… That seems so familiar.

Actually I think there are some metatrader indis that draw trend lines. Don’t use em myself though.

thank you mirrowsea, now it sounds kind profitable. its important

I dont care how you named your thread. Its fine with me. btw, its great threat’s name. If you could please submit your charts with photobucket web site. Kinda difficult to see.

you said - Determine take profits by calculating fib levels.(More on that on my next thread).
how do you know how deep retracement will be? Please explain, its such interesting for me.
what is the name of your next thread ?


would you please mark your TP(take profit) points?? how do you determine them???

There are many trend line indicators. You may find one to your liking. But the other points are still valid. What is your Deja Vu experience?

Thank you …Renala

I was just waiting for the first person to show some gratitude for my efforts.

As a little reward for your kindness, I would personally email you on how to calculate fib levels for take profit.

Also, I am leaving the strategy totally in your care…you can decide to show to it to whom ever you choose to…i.e those who are not so lucky to see it b4 it was deleted…

Reply me personally to claim your reward…

Happy Trading.

never mind the deja vu comment it’s just my sense of humor. sure 00 lines are valid, so are trend lines, they can and do both work.

well anyway, didn’t really intend to butt in here so ciao yall

Hi mirrowsea,
I couldnt send you private message. You have to have 50 posts to enable this option. Since you ask for my email I’ll set up the special one at hotmail with Live workspace option.

to be true I thought it is unpossiable to count retracement which is fib levels for TP
Count I claim my reward :slight_smile:

This made my day

mirrorsea I’ve just came upon this thread and would like to here more on your trading style, as we can’t send PM’s then can you put it on your thread (as you started it) thaks.

just out of curiosity would you happen to be from Nigeria?

Must be an inside joke between you and Master Tang.

… seems familiar… deja vu ? get it ? lol well I thought it was funny but then I do laugh at my own dumb jokes , but at least I keep myself amused lol

Lol, so before I posted I saw a mini “ad” on babypips saying.

“Free Forex Trading Systems Got the “Holy Grail” system? Want to share it for free and become everyone’s hero? This is the place to do it.”

At least show something to prove your point. Either teach it or show it - but dont lie just like 95% of forex traders do…

Its not an advertisement, its intended to be a brief and witty description of the section of the forums where people can to share their trading systems.