I haven't been trading because of this anxiety

Helloooo. :blush: This week has been super crazy for me, and for my country. I’m not sure if you guys are updated but tomorrow, the Philippines will be having our presidential elections. :pray: I’ve been very involved in the volunteer work and rallies for my presidential candidate because I think a lot is at stake. :cherry_blossom: And in the past couple of days, I’ve been sooooo anxious and worried that I haven’t been able to open any trade. :confused: I know it’s not wrong and it’s not a bad thing, but I feel bad about it somehow and I’m eager to make up for it in the coming weeks!

It’s the night before the elections so I thought it would help to go here instead of my other social media accounts. :sweat_smile: Somehow, I find comfort in the discussions here. I’ll also be back to trading as soon as the president is announced cause by then, there really wouldn’t be anything we can do. But I’m hoping for the best! :pray: So please forgive me if I’d be extra noisy tonight. I’m just trying to forget the stress and anxiety. :sweat_smile:


Take a break then; there is no rush! Enjoy your life! Offline events are also important for us (FX traders)!

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Thank you soooo much Walton! :blush: Haha. I can somehow consider hanging around the forums as my break so I hope you don’t get annoyed with many posts from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

We will have to learn how to manage the Stress levels in doing our trading and increase the profits.

You certainly shouldnt feel bad about it. It simply shows that you have your priorities in the right order!

The well-being of our families, relatives and friends, as well as the towns and countries we live in and the global environment as a whole, are far more important than making or losing a bit of money on the markets.

Trading markets is never going to be consistent (or even possible) if the world, our countries, our towns and/or our personal situations are consistently in trouble…

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Working on it, Traderz5! :blush: Thank youuuu.

Thank you soooo much for understanding and somehow comforting me. :blush: It’s really an important fight for our country so I thought it would be best to give it all I’ve got until today. :pray:

After almost 4 hours in the voting precint, I’ve finally cast my vote! :blush: It’s out of our hands now, and I raise it all up to the Lord. :pray:

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To be honest, the psychology component for a trader is also quite important, and I advise you to prepare yourself for this before you start working.

Don’t beat yourself up for being busy and unable to trade. Taking a break is always refreshing and relaxing. It is really important to have a calm and clear mind while trading so that you won’t end up making any mistakes due to the anxiety and brain fog. Practising mindfulness and meditation can be really helpful. Your mental health is much more important than trading. So take care and trade like a monk.

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Stress comes naturally when you decide to trade forex. But it shouldn’t become the reason for wrong decision-making. So, when you think that your stress is keeping you from making profitable trading decisions, you must take a break.

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It’s alright to relax and trade later when you are more comfortable. Trading can be very stressful so it’s a good idea to take your time, maybe trade demo until you feel more confident.

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Thanks for the support! :blush: Haha. But I would also have to ask what this means. :stuck_out_tongue: How does a monk trade?

Thanks also for understanding! :blush: I’m actually trading a separate demo account alongside my live account. :open_mouth: For the trades that are a little bit more experimentative, I do it on demo. :sweat_smile:

ZEN in the MARKETS - Edward Allen Toppel

Perhaps more samurai than monk :+1:

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Very good, as a forex trader, you won’t be able to predict how the markets will change and what punches lay waiting for you around the next corner. So, in order to be in with a chance of success and build the confidence to tackle these scenarios as they’re dealt to you, you need to prepare yourself for every possible outcome – creating a full-proof forex strategy ready to tackle any eventuality.

It is normal to feel anxious and of course your trading habits can get affected by things happening outside of your control, just wait for the elections to be over and start trading again with a calm and composed mind.

Emotion management is very important while trading forex. You have to prepare yourself for everything beforehand. It’s good that you’re taking a break and maintaining a balance between your priorities and trading well.

I think the best thing to do is to take a step back, breathe, relax, remind yourself of how amazing you are, take care of yourself, and get back into it.

First time hearing about this! :stuck_out_tongue: Samurai trading sure sounds intriguing. :slight_smile: Hahaha. Thanks for the reco though Johnny! :blush: