I haven't been trading because of this anxiety

Yeah I do agree! Also refrain yourself from comparing with other traders. It will only increase your anxiety.

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This is so true. :frowning: There’s just this pressure to be as productive and as profitable as other traders here, but we all have our own pace and that’s perfectly fine! :blush:

No reason to apologize =)
You have done a great job actually and you deserve relaxing.
Stress is okay, especially when we are talking about such person as you, who was engaged in election campaign and did everything in order to support the candidate.
As for the trading, then no worries…
You probably can’t think about trading because there is something more significant to you, but remember that even if your president won’t win in the elections (I hope he will), then you shouldn’t be disappointed of this fact and this thing shouldn’t affect your trading.

Probably, the results are already published, but I don’t know about them, so be cheerful anyway!

Hi; what’s the current situation on your country? And what’s going on your trading?

For me taking a short break and eating my favourite food aids my anxiety.

Hey buddy! How long do you take a break after you experience anxiety in trading?

Many traders are reluctant to take a few days off from their trading because of the fear of missing a big trading opportunity. It’s incorrect in my opinion because forex market offers numerous opportunities. Take a pause, meditate, or do whatever else makes you feel refreshed before getting into a trading position.

I believe that trading should be treated more simply. This is the kind of work that largely depends on the mood of the trader.

Having anxiety while trading is very natural but one should calm down his mind and focus more on the learning

Definitely! :blush: I’ve been working on this for years, but sometimes I do have my weak moments. :sweat_smile:

Yeah me too. But we should remember that everyday is not a good day in trading. So, keep calm and never let win or loss overpower your mental health.

I think that is just the fear of missing out on an opportunity. But it is better to avoid trading when your brain is filled with so many thoughts. Glad to know that you are actively trading again. We do deserve a break once in a while and we should not feel guilt or anxiety because of that.

I like the part where you said we should take a break for while, it’s so important to do so, calm yourself else you will end up loosing more.

I totally agree! I have had so many instances of uneasiness or restlessness when trading. When it happens, I usually get away from the screen and try to relax myself by meditating.

Anxiety can affect your thinking process, and lead to making bad decisions. Trading can be a bit too overwhelming at times when we go through a losing streak, or when not making enough profit despite trying a lot. However, it is the responsibility of the trader to actively improve his trading psychology and be confident with his trading skills.
Anxiety can lead to hyper trading, hypotrading, using low capital, reacting aggressively, subsequent depression, etc. Hence,you should very careful plan your trades and always stick to your trading plan to avoid emotions taking over you.

Being worried while trading might be detrimental. Anxiety weakens our ability to think clearly and causes a mental block. As a trader, I take the opportunity to rest so that I can return with a clear head. To prevent losses when trading, it’s critical to maintain mental clarity. Exercises in mindfulness is fruitful.

When dealing with anxiety or other emotions that harm my trading, I also prefer taking a small break. It’s never okay to act emotionally. You must occasionally engage in some mindfulness exercises and make an effort to concentrate solely on the present. Whatever occurred in your line of work is now in the past, and you must eventually let it go.

I also had the very same problem in the past. But now I am able to manage my emotions better and just go with the flow. It surely takes time for developing this kind of mindset but you will get there one day for sure.

I relieve my anxiety by not paying attention to forex trading for a while. I read comics or science fiction or watch movies or comedy shows. I go outside in nature and spend some time there.
It may take a day or two, and sometimes it is even a week, but I want to perform in the best possible way, so I choose to relieve myself first before taking any action.

In order to reduce anxiety, it is best to occasionally take a break from trading.