I haven't been trading because of this anxiety

just take a break.

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Please take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed and have trouble basing decisions practically. Come back when you’re ready! Sending you positive vibes.

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Thanks for the concern and understanding everyoooone! :blush: I’m back and now actively trading since I can confidently say that I’ve already overcome my election anxiety. :sweat_smile: It’s been over a month after all, so all we could do is move forward. :smiley: Thank you sooooo much to everyone who comforted me! :blush:

You should take a break if you have anxiety. The worst decisions are made under stress so avoid it and wait until you feel better to continue trading. Find a hobby or a relaxing activity to calm you down when you feel like this. It will help you stay calmer during future trades.

Thanks for the advice! :blush: For whenever you experience similar anxiety, what activities help you relax the most? :blush:

You should not be thinking about it like that. Anxiety will make your trading less productive. Before you start trading, remember to focus on your stress levels and work on managing them.

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Will do! :blush: I’ve been trying to keep my emotions in check, and when I feel like I just can’t get a hold of myself, I try to do something else that can calm me down. :smiley: Thanks though! :blush:

Keeping your emotions in check is crucial while trading forex. You have to get ready for everything in advance. It’s fantastic that you’re taking a break while still managing your priorities and trading well.

You do not need to take things too seriously that it takes the life out of you. If you do that, it will affect your trading and your life in all other areas. You need to be calm before trading; you cannot trade with anxiety or attachment. If you find yourself in such a situation, try to calm the wheels of your mind before you resume trading. Do not focus on trading for some time if you do not want to (forcing yourself to trade or just gathering information about it will cause more anxiety). Then when you are done shifting your focus for some time, you can resume trading with a good mindset. Sometimes we need a break that we forget to take.

Life has to go on, and there are all kinds of events that will influence the forex market. Some are known, and some are unknown. You should try to remain calm in every situation that might affect your trading (it becomes difficult at times, but controlling your emotions is ultimately in your hands). When you feel that you are not ready to trade, do not trade. Instead, start to understand your negative emotion, accept it, and do not bash yourself for anything wrong. You have to understand the situation first, and mentally get prepared for it. Once you are prepared, you can start to trade again.

Taking breaks is way better then taking wrong decisions in trading and it is normal to take breaks from trading in order to survive in forex market.

A break can really be very beneficial. Many traders don’t like taking a few days off from trading out of fear that they will miss a significant trading opportunity.

Yeah I do agree! Also refrain yourself from comparing with other traders. It will only increase your anxiety.

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This is so true. :frowning: There’s just this pressure to be as productive and as profitable as other traders here, but we all have our own pace and that’s perfectly fine! :blush:

No reason to apologize =)
You have done a great job actually and you deserve relaxing.
Stress is okay, especially when we are talking about such person as you, who was engaged in election campaign and did everything in order to support the candidate.
As for the trading, then no worries…
You probably can’t think about trading because there is something more significant to you, but remember that even if your president won’t win in the elections (I hope he will), then you shouldn’t be disappointed of this fact and this thing shouldn’t affect your trading.

Probably, the results are already published, but I don’t know about them, so be cheerful anyway!

Hi; what’s the current situation on your country? And what’s going on your trading?

For me taking a short break and eating my favourite food aids my anxiety.

Hey buddy! How long do you take a break after you experience anxiety in trading?

Many traders are reluctant to take a few days off from their trading because of the fear of missing a big trading opportunity. It’s incorrect in my opinion because forex market offers numerous opportunities. Take a pause, meditate, or do whatever else makes you feel refreshed before getting into a trading position.

I believe that trading should be treated more simply. This is the kind of work that largely depends on the mood of the trader.